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This page contains only the guestbook entries from the current year. To view older entries go to the Archive Index page in my Visitors List section.

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hello! - carlo IZ4SJP <ctaroz@gmail.com> - Bologna, Italy - May 22
tu, 73, shalom - 4x5eb - Jerusalem, Israel - May 22
I agree with your comments about QRP. I have always felt that if you have a well designed receiver and a resonant antenna, xmit power is not a factor. I love to homebrew my projects, probably more that operating and that would be CW only, can't find my mikes HI HI 73's Jack - Jack Kelvington_K3DMY <jack_kelvington@yahoo.com> - Meadowlands, PA - Apr 22
Nice page,Good work - 73!! - Stefan Popa YO7NSP - Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania - Apr 20
5 watts CW forever! - Joel Keeler VE6KEE - Medicine Hat, AB - Apr 17
Art W8AJS - Englewood, OH - Apr 17
Never have been in the contests just love CW ragchew, and swap section 73 - KF6GC - Atascadero, CA - Apr 17
Just found your site. Great stuff! Am a newbie at CW, trying to keep learning and gradually pick up speed. Very slow right now. I'm glad I found your website! Hope to catch you on the air some day. - Kat Gonderinger - Longmont, CO - Apr 17
Best Wishes - brian VE7NRD - Grand Forks, BC - Apr 16
Thank you for your (site's) encouragement for me to get active again :-) - ZL2SR - Christchurch, New Zealand - Apr 15
John have read your page for years. You have been a real cool guy to me hi hi. I just did my first sprint this month. 40 yrs and got up the nerve to try. Had a blast will return for sure. I had five sons while i was in the work force . Money was short but ended up with 5 christian men so was worth it all. Have two 100w rigs. Geting ready to buy a kx3. 73 yrs. old abt time hi hi. As i vaule your advice what should i get for add ons. Atu is a must for sure. Is the filters that comes with it good enough. Thanks once again for your help. Not fast at code but always fine someone to work. I lerned buy counting not good but getting better take a look at my qrz page will explain the spelling hi! 73 jim kc0dd - Jim, KC0DD <jijvd@netins.net> - Drakesville, IA - Apr 14
Thanks for all the info on you site. A great help to to a re-starter for QRP. - Bruce N4WD - Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Apr 11
Listening to you on 30m now, weak but readable3 to 449 without APF. KX3 and a 40m delta loop with a tuner at the feed point. - Rob KA5QQA <rmbayer62@gmail.com> - Houston, TX - Apr 10
FB Qso, John - - -great chatting with U on 40 meters CW!! - Marv K9VPL - Fremont, IN - Apr 5
GOOD JOB OF SPREADING THE CW GOSPEL!! - James Burton, kz8j - Branchland, WV - Mar 9
I am new to CW and had my first CW QSO on 2/26/16. I think CW is much more fun (and challenging) than SSB. I think I am going to love it. - Dave KD9VT - Silvis, IL - Mar 7
John, You are an inspiration. 72, Gene - Gene AA8MI - Perrysburg, OH - Feb 29
New to CW and anxious to learn. :-) - Bill Griffith N7IBG - Homedale, ID - Feb 28
W3ENG <kf4alo@gmail.com> - Augusta, WV - Feb 24
Just browsing ..... never know what may be here. - Keith G1NAF - Doncaster, England - Feb 21
Hi John, just wanted to stop by to say hi... it's been awhile. - Curt WA2JSG <wa2jsg@comcast.net> - Salem, NJ - Feb 20
Thank you. - Luis CA3LTR <luistapiariv@gmail.com> - Padre Hurtado, Chile - Feb 19
Just got my tech license in September of 2014. - Kelli KD9CBD - Amboy, IN - Feb 9
Jerry Pitchford N8TSJ - Saranac, MI - Feb 8
I give my call sign (it's still a restricted licence), but I've never been on the air. I think morse and QRP are wonderful. I'm working on my morse and would like to make contacts. - Errol ZR6ECO <ecollen@gmail.com> - Johannesburg, South Africa - Feb 6
John Rufner, KB9BNI - Fort Wayne, IN - Feb 5
I love your website. I wish I had found it years ago. Well done. - Richard - NI7F <richard_harris@byu.edu> - Mapleton, UT - Feb 4
Having the time of my life operating QRP - Gary Trudel - Windsor, ON - Jan 24
Great site. Very helpful for me as a CW beginner. Thank you! - Bill Griffith <olddogg60@gmail.com> - Homedale, ID - Jan 22
Greetings and may the code be with you. I shall return. - Al K5FUT - DeQuincy, LA - Jan 19
Radio operator in 5th Special Forces Group, Airborne. Served in Vietnam in1969. Operated at 18-20 wpm. Just now ,(2015-2016) getting back into radio. I have forgotten a lot , and hope you all will be patient with me. I'm re-learning Q signs. I should be able to operate at 15 wpm. I'm excited about getting into amateur radio. I should have my radio station set up within a month or so. Thanks, Paul / KE8BXI - Paul Hasbrouck / KE8BXI <phasbrouck@suddenlink.net> - Saint Albans, WV - Jan 9
Entertaining site. Very impressed with your streak, amazing! - David Montgomery <dek5hp@gmail.com> - Wimberley, TX - Jan 1
Once again for the 19th year in a row, it's time to archive the previous year's guestbook entries, and start with a clean slate for the new year of 2016. Thanks to all for the fine comments over the years, and I look forward to see what you have to offer this year here in the guestbook - John K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1
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