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Site Tech Info

This page is for those of you who are interested in the technical aspects of a web site such as writing the HTML code, browser compatibility, etc. Maybe you wonder why something looks strange to you on your browser. You might find the answer here.

This current version of my site makes extensive use of style sheets. This allows me to make overall changes in appearance to my site by simply editing a style sheet instead of changing the HTML coding on each page. For example, the top row of many of my data tables has a green background. Should I decide to change this to red, all I need do is make a change in my style sheet, changing the color for the class I call .toprow from green to red. That immediately changes the color on the 20-30 pages that use such tables without doing any editing at all to the individual pages.

Should you be using an older browser that doesn't support style sheets, you can still see all of the info on my site, but without the different font types, font colors, table background colors, etc. that are controlled by the style sheet. Instead these things will be controlled by your browser defaults. Most if not all modern browsers now support style sheets. So unless you use an ancient or very non-standard browser, the site should appear as I intended. I can't say for sure since I use strictly Internet Explorer here, now the latest version 8.

Browsers I have checked my site with in the past were Netscape 4 and Opera 4. Both of those at the time displayed my site pretty much completely as I intended.

One difference I did find was that Netscape did not support text overlining which I use when describing Morse characters like AR, BT, etc. IE has always shown and Opera when I tried it showed a nice overline when I am describing those characters. There was a very slight difference in rendering certain font sizes among the three browsers, but this is hardly worth mentioning.

To see the site exactly as I intend it to be seen, you should be using a screen resolution of 800 X 600 with at least High Color (16bit). It will look good at other resolutions as well, but it is somewhat crowded at 640 X 480 and a bit spread out at higher than 800 X 600 resolutions.

A final note on the counter. I have found that the stats services that provide a counter are not as accurate as those sites that merely count hits. Therefore, I long ago got rid of the real time counters, and I manually update my remaining counter once a day with stats gathered from the stats service to which I subscribe. I think this provides the most accurate representation of the number of visits I get, and I believe strongly in being accurate. For example, I take pains not to run up my count when I visit the site for updating or maintenance. For those pages that contain counters on my site, I use my own local pages with no counters to do my work. Only when I absolutely have to check something on one of the counter pages on the site itself do I add to the count myself.

I am always interested to know how my site appears on your particular browser. In the past, your comments have helped me to resolve some visual inaccuracies due to different browser renderings. Let me know if you find something that doesn't look just right to you. Tell me what browser and what version you are using if you send me any info. Thanks to all, especially K8UCL, NJ3K, VA3RJ, and W8LQ for helping me make the site look better with their observations.