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(#61-70 July 2004-May 2005)

#70 - In which of the following NAQCC activities are you participating?
Date: 4/15/05-5/14/05 --- Votes: 51

Activity NrPct
Monthly events*48%
Monthly sprints*816%
QSO-A-Day award*24%
Worked Members Award*24%
WAS simple wire antenna award*510%
WAC simple wire antenna award*48%
DXCC simple wire antenna award*48%
1000 MPW simple wire antenna award*612%
All the above*36%
None (Why not???)*1325%

It amazes and disappoints me that there were so few responses to this poll. The NAQCC has just under 900 members now and only a very small percentage seem to be interested in the activities of the club. Many hours of effort are being put into the club by its officers, and this is what is being shown for that effort?

#69 - Of how many QRP clubs are you a member?:
Date: 3/15/05-4/14/05 --- Votes: 212

Number NrPct
9 or more*74%

It's nice to know that even QRO folks seem to appreciate the info offered here on my web site. Or perhaps those who don't belong to any QRP clubs are just non-joiners. I hope that all who are members of at least one club are members of the new NAQCC. It's really a unique organization among the multitude of QRP clubs that now exist.

#68 - In which "major" contest(s) have you participated using QRP?:
Date: 2/15/05-3/14/05 --- Votes: 203

Contest NrPct
ARRL 10M*115%
ARRL 160M*115%
ARRL DX*3517%
CQ 160M*115%
CQWW DX*2713%
I only contest with QRO*136%
I'm not a contester*2311%

It's sad to think of so many hams who do not know the fun of contesting or who don't know the thrill and satisfaction of QRP contesting. Perhaps those hams should think about trying one of the NAQCC short sprint contests to get their feet wet in contesting or QRP contesting. They are nice low key affairs designed just for introducing hams to contesting and promoting CW operation on the bands.

#67 - Have you ever operated?:
Date: 1/15/05-2/14/05 --- Votes: 638

What NrPct
Maritime Mobile*213%
From a foreign country*589%
On a DXpedition*163%
Aeronautical Mobile*173%
As a member of a multi-op contest effort*7111%
Out in the field on FD*13822%
None of the above*91%

I'm amazed at the 17 Aeronautical Mobile responses. I can only recall hearing one /AM station in my 41 years of hamming. Apparently virtually 100% of /AM operation is done other than CW or I just have never been there at the right time and frequency. The other choices went pretty much as I expected.

#66 - How many QSL cards have you collected?
Date: 12/15/04-1/14/05 --- Votes: 122

Number NrPct
Over 50,000*22%
30,001 - 50,000*00%
10,001 - 30,000*32%
5,001 - 10,000*87%
2,001 - 5,000*119%
1,001 - 2,000*97%
501 - 1,000*2319%
201 - 500*2520%
1 - 200*3630%

Nothing to prove with this poll. Just a fun little poll, I thought. I'm impressed with the two hams who have over 50,000 QSL's. I imagine a lot of those QSL's were collected a long time ago when QSLing wasn't so expensive.

#65 - Are you planning to work for the new NAQCC awards?
Date: 11/15/04-12/14/04 --- Votes: 39

Answer NrPct
Yes, the qualifications make them a good challenge*1436%
Yes, they are much less expensive than most awards*13%
Yes, I want to show what can be done with my simple station*1231%
Yes (another reason - let K3WWP or KB3LFC know what, please)*13%
No, they sound too difficult for me*00%
No, I can't afford them even at the low cost*00%
No, I'm not interested in any ham radio awards*1026%
No (another reason - let K3WWP or KB3LFC know what, please)*13%

Although not many folks took the poll this time, the results are interesting and helpful. No one thought the awards were too difficult nor too expensive. The only negative votes came from those who are just not interested in any ham radio awards. So Tom and I will be looking forward to the award applications arriving over the coming months. In fact we issued our first award other than to me and Tom just today (12/14) to K4CHT.

#64 - Are you planning to join the new NAQCC or have you already joined?
Date: 10/15/04-11/14/04 --- Votes: 100

Answer NrPct
Yes, I like the emphasis on CW*5353%
Yes, I like all the unique aspects of the club*2626%
Yes, it's free*55%
Yes, other reason (explain to me via email)*22%
No, there are too many QRP Clubs already*77%
No, I'm not a QRPer*55%
No, other reason (explain to me via email)*22%

Wow, it looks like the premise of the NAQCC is very exciting to many hams. As I write this just one month and one day after the club made its debut, 254 hams have already joined up. Although I don't have the stats, I'm sure that's right up there near the top as far as a QRP club getting a lot of members very quickly. If you're one of the few who claim the NAQCC is "just another QRP club", I beg to differ. Take a good look at the club website and see the things we have planned that no other QRP club has done before. You'll see it's a QRP club with a DIFFERENCE.

#63 - How many CW QRP QSO's have you made during your ham career?
Date: 9/15/04-10/14/04 --- Votes: 116

What NrPct
Over 50,000*11%
30,001 - 50,000*22%
10,001 - 30,000*33%
5,001 - 10,000*22%
2,001 - 5,000*119%
1,001 - 2,000*119%
501 - 1,000*87%
201 - 500*1412%
1 - 200*4741%

There have been a lot of QRP QSO's bouncing off the ionosphere over the years. Nowadays QRP seems more popular than ever as hams age and move into apartments where it is hard to run high power without interfering with some kind of electronic equipment. That plus the simple joy of doing more with less, along with other reasons accounts for the increase in popularity which should continue over the coming years. I suspect this same poll taken a few years from now will show even more QRP QSO's.

#62 - What would you do if there were no longer any Morse code in ham radio?
Date: 8/15/04-9/14/04 --- Votes: 149

What NrPct
Switch to SSB*3624%
Switch to PSK*4732%
Switch to RTTY*64%
Switch to some other mode*2416%
Give up ham radio for some other hobby*3624%

Those of you who visit my site regularly know my answer - I'd give up ham radio. Oh, I might keep my ticket just in case, but I definitely would not be active on any of the non-Morse code modes. They just hold no appeal for me at all. I see that quite a few other hams feel the same as I do. I'm pleased with that.

#61 - Which of the following do you belong to or use?
Date: 7/15/04-8/14/04 --- Votes: 432

Thing NrPct
National Ham Organization (ARRL, RAC, etc.)*11326%
QRP Club (QRP ARCI, American QRP, etc.)*5413%
CW Club (FISTS, HSC, etc.)*6114%
Local Radio Club*6916%
Contest Club (YCCC, PVRC, etc.)*153%
DX Club (NCDXC, CIDX, etc.)*92%
Maillist (QRP-L, CT-User, etc.)*419%
Magazine Subscription (CQ, Ham Radio, etc.)*6014%
CW Traffic Net*51%

Not much to comment on for this poll. It does seem to show that most of my visitors, as expected, are CW/QRP fans. It also shows that CW traffic nets, and probably other modes traffic nets as well are dying. This is undoubtedly because of the Internet, email, cell phones, and the like.