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A&E Channel "Biography" Series Academic Assistance Center
African-American Historical Figures Awesome Library for Teachers
Britannica Internet Guide Columbia Education Center Lesson Plans - History
Cyber Library Cyber Space Social Studies
Distinguished Women of Past and Present Ed's Oasis
EDSITEment Education Index
Education Resources on the WWW Education Virtual Library
Encarta Online Eric Miller's Homepage: Resources for Teaching History
FIRN's K-12 Resources Greg's Place
Grolier Online Handy Homework Helper
The History Channel The History Net
History On-Line History Online
The History Place History/Social Studies Web Site for
K-12 Teachers
History Television Homework Central
HyperHistory Info Please
Jerome & Deborah's BIG PAGES of Education Links Jessica's History Teaching Resources
Kathy Schrock's Guide to
Lesson Plans and Resources for Social
Studies Teachers
The Library in the Sky McREL Education Resources
The Mining Co: News and Issues Links Mr. Donn's Pages
Mr. Jenkins' History Links Mr. Remmell's Homepage
Mr. Wall's History and Social Studies Links National Council for History Education
Nebraska Social Science Resources
Home Page
Oregon K-12 Site: History
Oz's Kingdom: A History Teacher's
Pacific Bell Knowledge Network
PBS Online Resource Central - History
Rutgers University Libraries' Internet
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A School Zone
Social Studies Education Network Social Studies Links
Social Studies Resources Social Studies Resources for K-12
Social Studies School Service Social Studies Sources
Study Web Teacher Pathfinder
Teacher Tips Teacher Tool Box
Teacher's Desk TeacherLINK
Terri's Resources Web 66: Social Science
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