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Have you worked hard on your very own web page and think you deserve some recognition? Read the below criteria and rules, and then submit your site! I will try to respond to every submission within 48 hours.

1. I must like your site. This is the most important of all.
2. No commercial sites, please.
3. Good use of colors and graphics.
4. Few, if any, misspelled words or dead links.
5. Link pages are welcome, as long as the links are well organized.
6. Be honest in your application (i.e. no false names).
7. Sites with adult content need not apply.
1. Do not display my award without my permission.
2. If you choose to accept an award, please link it back to
Abby's Resource Page for Social Studies Teachers.
3. If you do not win, you may resubmit your site no more than once a month.
4. If I choose to award your site, I will e-mail you with the graphic and link.

That's about it! If you are willing to follow the rules and you meet the criteria, use the form below or e-mail me with the info!

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