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PSP Links

This page features some of my favorite places to visit for Paint Shop Pro tutorials.

I have absolutely no control over the content of the sites listed below. If you have questions or comments, please send them to the appropriate webmaster.

Arizona Kate's - This is a must-see site for PSP tutorials, original background sets, clipart and more.

Pinoy 7 - This is one of the best sites for learning techniques to create interfaces that I have found on the web. Not only does it feature interface tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, it also has tutorials for Macromedia Flash.

Ron's Toons - This particular site that Ron Lacey created, which was primarily about vectors, is no longer available. You can still find his vector tutorials and some of his photography tutorials at About.com.

Cathy's Corner - Cathy's Corner has several pages devoted to PSP. Visit tutorials that she has written or visit some of the sites listed in the PSP tutorials section.

Dizteq - This site offers tutorials using various plug-in filters that work with PSP and other programs. There are also presets available for download and how-to tutorials for installing and using filters. Sally, the owner of Dizteq, also teaches classes for LVS Online.

5th Street Studio - This is Angela Cable's site. It features some excellent tutorials about several PSP subjects from drop shadows to creating background papers for digital scrapbooks. It's really a must-see site.



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