Customize Folders & File Locations

Paint Shop Pro 7 makes it possible to create your own folders for saving and storing custom gradients, brushes, styled lines, preset shapes, and tubes.

Create New Folders

  1. Open PSP and choose File > Browse to open the Image Browser.
  2. Use the folder tree and navigate to the directory where you wish the new folders to be created. I created these folders in the main PSP folder located at C:\Program Files\Corel Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7, but you can create them anywhere on your computer.
  3. Choose File > Create New Folder. At the prompt give the folder a name (i.e. "Shapes_Mine") and repeat this step for any other custom folders that you wish to add.

Specify File Locations

Once you have created your new folders you can to direct PSP to use these folders by following the instructions below:

  1. Choose File > Preferences > File Locations. When the File Locations dialog box appear click on the tab for the type of folder that you wish to customize (i.e. Tubes), click on the second "Browse" button from the top (the top button is reserved for PSP files) and navigate to your custom folder.
  2. Place a check mark in both the "Enable this path" and "Save to path" check boxes and click "Ok".

The "Save to path" option is not available for Patterns, Frames, or Textures but you can save these items anywhere on your hard drive then use the "Enable this path" option so that these items will then load when you need them.

Not only will this help with organization, backup, and maintenance, you can also speed up load time by disabling paths to folders that you do not use very often.