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The tutorials on this site range from intermediate to advanced level. However, with a little time and patience, beginners may be able to follow them.

The tutorials were designed on a PC with 24-bit color capability. So, if you are using a MAC and/or your monitor that is not capable of 24-bit color display, some colors may not render as the colors specified in the tutorials or may be lighter or darker due to differences in monitor gamma. In these situations, you will have to approximate or use your own color choices.

Please be patient while the tutorial pages load. Although optimized for online viewing, there are several images included for illustrative purposes. This adds significantly to the download time.

Versions 7 & 8

Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro 7

The following tutorials were created mostly for teaching both the interface and the tools in version 7. Those for 8 are marked.

Before beginning any of the tutorials:
Print a labeled screenshot of the Color Palette.
Customize file and folder locations.

Vector Honeybee
Animated Honeybee
Paint Brush
Paint Brush
Creating Shapes
Creating Preset Shapes
Organizing Shapes
Organizing Preset Shapes
Navigation Buttons &
Mouseover Effect

Vector Goose

Vector Heart

Vector Goldfish
7 or 8

Version 9

[Corel Corporation Logo]

Digital Denim
(Includes notes for creating the denim in PSP7)



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