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a novel by Albert L. Isaac

It is the Future. 

But not the future one might imagine. 
There is no fear.  There is no disease. There is no death. The Human Race has created Utopia and is now Immortal and Free.
But there is a price to pay for such freedom. Everyone must regularly submit to Reconditioning and become
one with the machine. The BIOCOM - the omnipotent Artificial Intelligence created to record and monitor all of Mankind’s memories and experiences - has become the Collective Consciousness of the Human Race. 

Only one man questions his place in this strange world. 
Plagued by horrific nightmares and visited by unexpected Visions, he sets out in search for truth. 
He knows that the BIOCOM guides and protects all of civilization.

But is it Humankind’s Savior …  

…Or enslaver? 

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