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Hi! I am Dr.Sabra St.Germain, owner of All Paws Veterinary Services and All Paws Kennel. We are located in Lebanon, Kentucky on Walnut Street. We are located about mid-way between Springview Hospital and Mc Donaldís on the Walnut Street bypass in Lebanon. Click here for a map.

All Paws Veterinary Services

Our Hospital and Boarding Facility is open Monday through Wednesday from 8AM to 6PM EST Thursday and Friday from 8:30AM to 3PM EST, and Saturday and Sunday appointment only. After hours the hospital is open for emergencies only, and on holidays and Sundays. We can make after hours appointments to see puppies.

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Deposits of $100 by cash or credit card are accepted to hold a puppy.
These deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind about purchase.
1.)Dogs at our kennel are vaccinated and on monthly flea and heartworm control and are up to date on these at time of purchase. You will get a health record showing what vaccines or other medication were given and a Rabies tag if the pet is old enough to receive it. We treat our dogs for infections, internal and external parasites, if and when they occur. We feed Eukanuba or Iams dog food. We also recommend Science Diet. We do not guarantee that your pet will not get Parvovirus, worms, ear mites, fleas, Kennel Cough, Coccidiosis or some other problem once it leaves us. Remember, even vaccinated puppies can still get Parvovirus. Keep puppies away from any unvaccinated dogs and places where dogs congregate until your puppy has had at least 2 or 3 booster vaccines.Remember to let pups rest 2 hours for every hour of play.
2.)There are weaknesses inherent in the genes of many purebred dogs. For many generations toy breed dogs have been bred to be smaller and smaller. This has encouraged conditions such as smaller than usual livers or or porto systemic shunt disease. This predisposes toy breed puppies to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). We do not pay for death or hospitalization due to hypoglycemia, whatever the cause. You have to understand that that is a risk when purchasing an especially tiny puppy. We do not ship tiny or teacup puppies. Do not take your teacup or tiny toy puppy on an airplane until it is at least a year old. If there is going to be a lot of stress or upheaval in the house (divorce, moving, rough play with unsupervised children) then do not buy a tiny or teacup puppy. Make sure your puppy is eating as soon as you buy it. We recommend using Nutrical or some similar product to supplement your pupís diet every 4 hours the first week of purchase to be sure it is not going to have a hypoglycemic crisis. The first week home is very stressful. You should get up between midnight and 4 am once that week to check on your puppy and give it some Nutrical.
3.) HEALTH GUARANTEE (Yes) (No). If Yes is circled, your dog is guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase for the following conditions: heart disease, congenital kidney failure, demodectic mange, congenital blindness, or congenital neurologic conditions. These must be documented by a complete exam or autopsy by a veterinarian including lab reports. We reserve the right to a second opinion for diagnosis. The guarantee is not money back, but a puppy of equal value in exchange. There will be no health guarantee for the replacement puppy.
4.) Hernias: If your puppy develops a severe inguinal or umbilical hernia within a month of purchase we will repair it here at no charge. Be aware that many small hernias will go away in time and some will never cause problems. We will not pay for hernia repair at another veterinarian. We inspect pups for hernias but occasionally there are ones that happen after the pups leave us. Hernias are operable and the pet usually returns to full health after repair so we do not consider them life threatening and the guarantee does not cover them.
5.) We do not guarantee size or personality of any dog.
6.) We do not guarantee that your pet will be show quality. We sell pets.
7.) We do not guarantee that your pet will be able to produce offspring.
8.) We do not give refunds if you are allergic to your pet.
9.) We do not give refunds because your landlord says you are not allowed to have pets. Check with all involved personnel before purchasing a pet.
10.) We feel that our dogs are reasonably priced and we will not pay for future vet bills. Once your new dog is taken to your home, its health and care are your responsibility. If you have minor problems and live near us, we will be glad to take care of them at no charge for the first two weeks after purchase.

Occasionally we have adult dogs for sale, but mostly we sell puppies. Both parents can be seen at our facility.