Known throughout the country as the "Ashtabula Horror"


 December 29, 1876,  7:28 p.m.

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway

Train No. 5, "The Pacific Express"

159 Passengers & Crew

64 Injured; 92 Fatalities (at least 48 Unrecognized)*

Financial Loss to L S & M S Railroad: $495,722*

* Per LS&MS Railway 1877 Corporate Stockholder Report



West Abuntment looking North.


Pictures show the bridge before and after the disaster.  Note: In the above photograph that the locomotive is  approximately the position of the locomotive "Socrates" when the bridge fell.


Bridge Disaster Scene looking South.  Picture taken 12/30/1876.



Ashtabula Bridge Disaster Archives  

 Summary of Disaster as stated in Ashtabula County Historical Records

 Account of Disaster from Passenger Marian Shepard

 Findings and Background of Coroner's Jury

 Historical Account of Memorial Services for the Unrecognized Dead

 Results of the Ashtabula Bridge Disaster

 Building of the Iron Bridge over Ashtabula Creek in 1865

 Time Line of Bridge Disaster Events

 Crew Roster of the Pacific Express

 Recounted Crew & Passenger Locations

 Survivor Listing (Includes Crew Members)

 Fatality Listing (Includes Crew Members)

 Newspaper Articles at the Time of the Disaster

 Preservation of the Fire Department Bell Sounded the Night of the Disaster 

 Background of the Ashtabula Volunteer Fire Department in 1876

 Background of the Order Not to Put Water on the Fire

 Sermon of Evangelist D. L. Moody on the Death of Phillip Paul Bliss

 Pictures of the Ashtabula Bridge Disaster

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