Bethlehem Rose Quilt
From the Intersection of the AA Highway and KY 1159, drive south on 1159 to the top of the hill, and then look to the left and you will see a fine barn quilt called the Bethlehem Rose.
Situated high atop a knoll with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, this barn is one of the oldest barns in the Bracken County, having been built in 1792.  The Harding family has owned this farm, called The Centennial Farm, for five generations.  It was honored by being included in the Kentucky Historic Farm Program in 1992.
If you proceed down the hill north on 1159  to the AA Highway, you'll  see the Walcott Covered Bridge on your right, just across the highway.  It was built in 1835.  The King and Queen post style truss bridge is 74 ft long and spans Locust Creek.  Several years ago the bridge was restored and moved just up the creek about 300 ft away from its original location.
The day I took this picture, going back to my office a ran across a herd of deer grazing on a hay field just off Hwy 1159. This is a typical scene here in beautiful B racken County!
When you're in this area of the county, travel north a few miles on the AA Highway and visit Hillside Orchard, 606-747-5635.
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