Covered Bridge Quilt
If you travel from Brooksville going east on ky10 towards Germantown, you'll come upon some beautiful rolling farmland.  On the right, just before a sharp bend in the road is the Covered Bridge barn quilt designed and painted by Stanley Hay.   Stanley and his wife chose the design and painted it after attending a barn quilt workshop.  This pristine,170 acre farm is owned by Stanley's mother, Pauline.  Her husband purchased the farm  after owning and managing a successful cafe on Main Street in Augusta,  in the early 1900's.  Stanley describes the barn as a 6-bent tobacco barn that was built 40 years ago.
If you travel just a few more miles east on Ky 10, you'll come to the quiet little town of Germantown, home of the oldest fair in Kentucky, the Germantown Fair.  While you're there, get a great home cooked meal at the Ole Country Inn restaurant, located in the center of town.
On your way to the Covered Bridge quilt, visit
 Lavender Hills of Kentucky, located just off of Conrad Ridge Rd.
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