Little Dutch Boy and Girl Quilt
Located in western Bracken County on Ky 10, is the friendly community of Berlin.   Here you'll find a little slice of Old Kentucky, a great little country market (Figgins Market, be sure to stop in for a visit...) and this colorful 8'x8' barn quilt.  Located at 2265, Willow-Lenoxburg Rd., the barn is owned by Donna and John Rath.  The barn was built by Donna's father and his family in 1989.  This particular quilt pattern was chosen because Donna had previously made two different blanket quilts with the same pattern, both of which she still owns.  The barn quilt was made by Mr. Steve Calvert, from Mt. Sterling, KY, who has a business fabricating barn quilts  out of pieces of vinyl.  The actual quilt pattern was designed by Donna's daughter, Robin Fultz.
Donna grew up as a child in the same house she lives in now.  She described how, on April 23rd of 1968, a ferocious tornado came thru the Berlin community and pretty much destroyed all the buildings around except for hers, which was intact, but had been blown completely off the foundation!  Her family hired a company to put the building back onto a new foundation.  The house was remodelled in 1984.
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