Heavenly Star Quilt
Travelling the south on KY 19, the road winds its way along the beautiful network of ridges that Bracken County is known for.  The roads here were wagon roads at one time and were not really designed for high speed automobiles, so take your time and enjoy the landscape!
This road will take you to Milford, Kentucky which used to be a bustling town full of mills (as the name suggests).  Milford is situated near the North Fork of the Licking River, which joins the South fork at Falmouth and eventually flows into the Ohio River across from Cincinnati.
George and Alice Brumley's barn quilt is located just south of Milford at 6669 Powersville-Harrison Cty. Rd. (KY 19). 
They call it the Heavenly Star.
Alice is partial to the star patterns.
She chose the design and the colors and had the barn quilt made   in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.   This quilt is mounted on a very old shop building, which belongs to her son.    According to Alice, the building used to be a coffin shop!
On your way down KY 19 you will want to stop by The Brackenridge Berry Farm.  Located at 1090 Belmont Rd., just off KY 19, this beautiful farm offers several acres of "pick yourself" blueberries, as well as blueberry plants and homemade salsas.  Call the Stanleys at 606-735-2490 or visit their website at www.brackenridgeberryfarm.com

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