Lemon Star Quilt
Located just to the north of the quaint town of Brooksville on Ky 1159 (355 West Miami Street), you will see the Lemon Star quilt pattern on a barn built in 1923, from logs sawn on the adjacent farm.  The design was selected and painted by Dawn Kelsch for her mother, Mrs. Pat Ward and given to her as a Christmas gift in 2007.  The barn is currently used a stable and hay loft.  Pat  lives in the log house on the property which was built in 1867.
While you are in Brooksville, be sure to visit the Courthouse and take a stroll around the square.  Typical of many of the county seats across Kentucky, the courthouse is the center of activity in this historic farming community.  Get some lunch at one of the restaurants, and then visit some of the nearby working agribusinesses listed here:
Hillside Orchard 606-747-5635
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