Snowflake Quilt
This very nicely made, 8x8 barn quilt is located at 2879 Willow-Neave Rd. in the west-central part of Bracken County.  The barn is part of a 48 acre farm owned by Elmo and Audrey McKinney.  It was painted  by their daughter, Carol Polley, who saw the pattern in a calendar of quilt patterns.  Carol is involved with a special program that helps residents of the county learn how to make barn quilts.  The barn was originally a horse barn, built by a dentist from northern Kentucky who was "big into horses."  The McKinneys converted it into a tobacco barn when they acquired the farm many years ago.  The family is well-known for their homemade sorghum; which they grow and produce right there on the farm.  You can find their deliciously sweet syrup at the annual Wool Festival in Falmouth.
Audrey McKinney is an accomplished quilter and has been making quilts since she was a child.  She is a member of the very talented Bracken County Quilt Club.  On the day I visited her, she was working on a quilt that she had begun as a child. She had 56 panels which she sewed together by hand, many years ago.  These hand stitches were incredibly uniform and neat. Audrey had recently washed and ironed each panel and was about to incorporate them into a new quilt.  Then she showed me a newly completed quilt that was made using a special technique involving cutting and then rejoining segments of fabric squares in a way that created a radiating starburst pattern on each panel:
Just a short distance away from the Snowflake quilt is Ram-Z Stables, a full service horse stable offering trail riding, horse boarding, canoeing, fishing and camping.  Call Keith or Bonnie Ramsey at 606-735-2931. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Bracken County and should not be missed!
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