Stars and Stripes Chevron Quilt
If you venture out to 1098 Cumminsville-Berlin Road, from the ridgetop you will see some beautiful panoramic views of our county.  Eventually, you will come upon a farm belonging to Ronald"Joe" Scolf.  Joe picked the chevron pattern out of a book he borrowed from Roberta Figgens, just down the road from Joe's.  He made and painted the quilt block himself in his woodshop which he affectionately likes to call the "dog house."
Like many people in Bracken County, Joe's friendly nature makes him easy to talk to about the history of his farm.  Joe's barn is cool.  It was originally a 4-bent barn, and it is probably one of the older barns in the county.  His barn was built on May 26th, 1885, by A.T. Weaver (this date was stenciled on a board inside the barn). The Weaver family settled on that farm many years ago, and their family cemetery is located adjacent to Joe's house.  The tornado of 1968 moved the barn off its foundation, and Joe's brother simply built a new foundation under it on the new location. (Boy, they sure don't make barns like that anymore.....) 
These are the types of views you will see from the ridges in this area!  Awesome.
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