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With over 3,400 members, we are the largest and best Internet resource
about growing your own beer ingredients -- barley, hops, and brewing-herbs!

Mature hop plants will usually yield from 1 to 2 pounds of dried hops per plant each year.

We focus on the combined interests of gardening and brewing beer, including related topics such as how to malt barley and how to identify and use 'wild' herbs. Grow-Hops has many features NOT available on most conventional brewing forums; for instance, we have several databases, including one to help identify which hops grow best in certain latitudes and climates, one to facilitate distribution of FREE rhizomes, and one to exchange whole-hops (cones). We have hundreds of links to assorted hop sites, information, files, photos, and a moderated message board where members have options to hide email addresses, receive daily digests, or not receive any messages at all. Our members include hop farmers and others with considerable expertise and experience. You're also invited to visit my specialized Yahoo group dedicated exclusively to 'Brewing Equipment' (RIMS/HERMS, kegerators, mills, etc. -- currently with 1,400+ members), ... and my website about our 'Homebrewers' international grid computing team that helps search for cures for diseases such as cancer (so far we've donated over 322 YEARS of 'continuous' computing time), ... and my 'Learn Science by Brewing Beer!' website (still under construction). This portal increases our search engine visibility, so please use it's 'url' for any links you post to Grow-Hops. Finally, if you're interested in my project to promote laws requiring grid computing education in our schools, visit 2plus2is4.

Grow-Hops Homebrewers Team Learn Science by Brewing Beer!

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With over 2,400 members, we are the largest and best Internet resource about growing your own beer and wine ingredients -- hops, brewing-herbs, barley, and grapes -- combining the skills of gardening and making beer, wine, or mead!