The life that your computer can help save just might be the life of someone you love.

HomeBrewers Team
One of the Best Teams on the World Community Grid!
Now ranked # 117 out of 25,412 teams!

Everyone is warmly invited to join our team. If you're already a member of WCG, please read 'What Else Can I Do To Help' for tips to improve your computer's performance, and then click here.  If you are not a member of WCG but are ready to join right now, please click here.  If you have more questions or are not convinced yet, then please visit my Entry Page and then my Quick Guide to learn how the WCG is helping mankind and why it is safe and important for you to help, too. You are also more than welcome to contact me -- Bill Velek -- or visit the various forums on the WCG for help.


A Brief Intro -- what our team does -- for those of you who have not visited my Entry Page and are unfamiliar with the WCG.
Team Competition -- it's fun and it helps to promote recruitment.
HomeBrewers -- created for those who appreciate a good brew, but open to everyone (even if you don't like beer).
Our Team Stats -- a sample banner used on the WCG forums.
Our Team's Performance & Goal -- we've been constantly in the Top-100 and the Top Half-Percent for over two years.
How to Join Our 'HomeBrewers' Team -- please be sure to follow all of the following instructions.
Links to Other WCG and Team 'HomeBrewers' Sites -- assisting and promoting the WCG as well as our team.
Entry Page re WCG -- includes an excellent video by Heather Harrison which I highly recommend if you have not viewed it.
Quick Guide -- my main page about grid-computing and the World Community Grid, of which the HomeBrewers is a team.
Home: "Learn Science By Brewing Beer" -- my original page before joining WCG -- includes a link to my brewing Glossary.
BrewingEquipment -- my Yahoo Group with 1,400+ members, devoted exclusively to the topic of homebrewing equipment.
BrewSupplies-US -- my Yahoo Group devoted exclusively to on-line sources of brewing supplies in the United States.
Grow-Hops -- we have 3,400+ members focusing on growing beer & wine ingredients: hops, barley, brewing-herbs, etc.
Grow-Hops Entry Portal -- my page on this website which briefly describes my Grow-Hops groups and activities.
Grow-Hops Wiki -- learn all about growing hops from the Wiki created by the members of my Grow-Hops group.
Grow-Hops Yahoo Group -- this is our original group founded on May 21, 2007, and is primarily our MAIL-LIST group.
Our group includes: Forums, Polls/Surveys, a free Rhizome Exhange, a Whole-Hops Exchange, and more.

Our team helps conduct computer research for cures for many diseases such as cancer and AIDS.  We do this by donating the spare (wasted) power of our PCs (personal computers) to the World Community Grid, a non-profit organization supported by such reputable institutions as the Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society, United Way, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, many businesses, colleges and universities, and even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Most of the time most computers, like yours, use only about five to ten percent of their power capacity, and the rest is just wasted, ... so we use it for the good of mankind. The program, developed and donated by IBM, is time-tested, absolutely safe and secure, and will not slow down your computer in the least; in other words, you'll be able to continue to use your computer just as you always have.  If you're unfamiliar with grid-computing, please learn more by visiting here.

I hope I've convinced you of the important contribution that you can make to world health.
The rest of the info, below, is about our team on WCG, how teams work, their importance, and the fun that they add.

TEAMS:  Donating wasted computer power is what really counts ... but if you do join, you might as well join a team. Teams are useful because they encourage recruitment and they add some fun and socialization for those who want that. Merit 'points' are assigned for completed research, and statistics are kept (see example below). Teams race for higher rankings. Everyone is welcome on our HomeBrewers team, but if you would prefer another, there are over 25,000 available on the WCG; you can also easily form your own team consisting of family and friends, employees, your church, your school, fraternal organizations, etc.  But my primary interest, of course, is in getting people to at least join the WCG.

Please join my
HomeBrewers team and we'll tackle the 'big boys' in a friendly competition!
Let's show the whole world that HomeBrewers are a 'force' to be reckoned with!

My hobby is brewing my own beer, so I formed the HomeBrewers to recruit members primarily from Internet brewing groups.  Despite that most teams had a head-start of as much as a year, our team is doing well and has already passed the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and even Microsoft, and the HomeBrewers, now ranked at #117, are in the top 1/2% of all teams; more importantly, we've already beaten the 'MillerTime' and 'Bud Light USA 2005' teams. 

HomeBrewers is an international team, so we welcome people from all over the world to join us.  When you join, be sure to list your country in your profile so that it will also be given credit for the same points that you earn for our team.  If you join, we do NOT recommend the 'screen-saver' mode because your computer won't make use of the vast majority of your computer's wasted power, such as when you are reading email, etc.  Also be sure to visit the WCG 'teams' forum and our team thread to read announcements and get the free signature-banner shown below. To join our team click here -- or go directly to World Community Grid.  After joining, please return to visit my Home Page about brewing.

Our HomeBrewers team also competes against teams from other grid organizations besides WCG, such as here & here.

Competition is FUN, and it encourages members to work even harder for the good of humanity. Below is an example of a somewhat typical signature file that I have used when posting messages on the WCG forums -- a great place for help, information, and socializing. The 'green things' are hop cones which are used to give beer its bitterness, flavor, and aroma. The quote is from Benjamin Franklin -- one of the greatest Americans to ever live (signer of the Declaration of Independence, diplomat, scientist, author, etc.); it is ironic that one of Ben Franklin's known virtues was temperance, since he liked to have a good ale while discussing politics at the pub. Several statistics are printed on the bottom; my personal stats are in the middle column and the HomeBrewers team stats are in the right column.  'Total Points' (top line) is the primary statistic for comparing performance, and colored stars are an easier reference for different amounts of points earned; the top stars are mine and the bottom stars are for the team.  Computing time (two bottom lines) is expressed in Years : Days : Hrs : Min : Sec ... so the HomeBrewers team has already donated the equivalent of OVER 322 YEARS of continuous computing (there is sometimes a short delay in the updating of stats on the banner, below).  For a more complete view of our team's progress, including some nice graphs, click here.  The World Community Grid also provides widgets that members can use; an example appears after the following banner:

Our team's performance: Although we didn't make it into the Top 100 Teams by our first birthday on November 21, 2006, we finally succeeded very shortly thereafter and made it all the way to # 66; we were able to remain in the Top-100 for nearly three years before we were finally passed by teams which are just too big for us.  We're currently ranked at # 117 out of 25,412 teams on 'points', which still puts us in the TOP HALF PERCENT of the total number of teams now competing on the World Community Grid, and working together our team has already donated over 322 years worth of computing time.
How to JOIN Our 'HomeBrewers' Team:  Please follow all of these instructions.  First, all members and prospective members should read 'What Else Can I Do To Help' for tips to improve your computer's performance, etc.  Then, if you are already a member of the WCG, click here.  On the other hand, if you are not yet a member of the WCG, then there is no way for you to join our team until you first download and install this program and then return to this page and click here.  All members are encouraged to join our HomeBrewers YahooGroup so that there is some way to get important announcements to you; the group is monitored, email addresses are secure, and mail is absolutely minimal.  Thank you for your interest.

 World Community Grid. The most useful thing you can do with your computer


The official World Community Grid home page is www.worldcommunitygrid.org
Here is a link to WCG wiki for some technical information about WCG and the 'agents' you can use.
'Fred B' has created and is generously sponsoring our new OFFICIAL* team page -- www.worldbrewers.info
(*it replaces this page, which is just my personal web-page to help with recruitment).
If any other "HomeBrewer" has a personal team site, please notify me so that I can add it to this list.
Here is a link to our Yahoo Group; it is for announcements, is moderated, and mail volume should remain low.
Here is our team thread on the WCG forums.
My personal portal to the WCG and this page:  www.velek.com
My indirect portals to this page via my lobby pages:  www.2plus2is4.com, www.twoplustwoisfour.com

Thank you for visiting.  Please come back again.
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