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“FAITH JOURNEYS” is a means of using creativity for growing in faith.


CREATIVITY: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  We know that God is the Creator, and what a creation it is!  We also know that God has given us the enjoyment and the need of creating, perhaps not in the grand and glorious way in which God did, but in a way which will bring glory and honor to God.   In these creations we use a language other than words to express our emotions, our ideas, our cares, which come from our very beings, which come from inside ourselves, our hearts and our minds.  Our creations help us to connect with the creative nature of God, to connect with God. 


We use our creations to come to understand the love of God and humankind.  We use our creations to communicate this love of God to humankind. 


Creativity is spiritual.  Creation is part of the transcendence of the soul.  Creation is part of the grace of God. Artistic creation can be a form of worship. 


PHILOSOPHY:  I believe that spiritual growth takes place in a stress free environment in which the connection with God, the Divine Source, is realized through enriching, enjoyable, experiential and creative programs and activities. 


MISSION:  My mission in life is to share, create and teach for the Glory of God, to, for and with the children of God.    We are all children of God. 


I wish to share the resources* I have acquired over the past 60 years of my faith journey teaching in the grades, in music, and teaching and serving in the church. 

                        *resources include, spiritual, intellectual and material. 


STUDIO:  When possible, weather permitting, materials permitting, I like to work in the out of doors.  I do, however, have an ample indoor classroom space. 


Please peruse this listing of ideas for ‘Journeys’ and contact me by phone or e-mail to make arrangements for sharing together.


             Phone:  704-721-4017                    e-mail:



walking the labyrinth* –
     always welcome in conjunction with another activity. 

walking the nature trail –
     always available in conjunction with another activity. 

experiencing running and jumping with balls and
     frisbees in large open  area


beginning weaving on looms

weaving CD mandalas

kumihimo braiding

making prayer flags

plein air painting – painting out of doors - in the "Point Zero method

candle making

Wonders of God nature activities 
     See these ‘Wonders of God’ on the   website



            autumn colors



Easter Egg Tree and decorating blown eggs

            using worship themes

            using silk ties

            using alcohol inks

Advent workshop activities

Jesse Tree ornaments



Godly Play* stories

Confirmation Lessons


*certified facilitator