Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

& the young at heart




Going over and under vertical strands of string, yarn, paper or other warp possibilities is fulfilling to students.  Why?  Students cannot really explain it.  They just like to do it.  It’s fun and they ‘pester’ to weave.

Adults try to explain.  The repetition, back and forth, is enjoyable. Yes!  Seeing the work progress in front of one’s eyes shows accomplishment. Yes!   It must be noted, however,  that focusing on a specific task, the shuttling back and forth motion and the right to left and left to right motion of the hands tracked by the eyes aids in EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessIng) therapy to help reprogram our brains to deal with trauma.   These same motions of weaving allows the right and the left side of the brain to work together in a more productive way.  This is kinesiology in action. In a proper setting the weaver is encouraged to enter a focused meditative way of being, a way to be open to God.  It is a sacred tool for transformation.

Watching young people absorbed in their work, not in social conversation, speaks to the meditative way of weaving. Therefore, I believe weaving is very spiritual which is why I include it in a “spiritual path” for young people.