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DCA Certified Road Trial Judges List

Name State Date of Test
Peggy Ann Strupp ID 040306
Janey Randlet FL 040406
Denise McGuiness NY 062206
Sandra LaJoie MA 081106
Karen Bergman NY 090206
Danielle LeVangie Ontario, Canada 082806
Cathy Raver NC 082806
Stephanie Podejko NY 090206
Lorie McCrone NY 100606
Mary-Lynn Jensen FL 042406
Charlie Kocur FL 101206
Lynn Luikart OH 101306
Linda Lombardi OH 102006
Annette Gross FL 102306
Debbie White GA 102506
Linda Lewin


Gayle Riggins NC 051807
Beth White CO 051108
Julie Stillman VA 091908
Tina Thomas- Batchelor NC 051810

Past DCA National Road Trial Judges

Chapter 6 Section 1A of the DCA National Road Trial Rules and Regulations

At the National Specialty Road Trial, a judge may serve as the mounted judge only once in a five year period.
Name Year

Leslie Sreuder (C) Colorado 1999
Paula Olcott(M) Colorado 1999
Peggy Ann Strupp (M) French Lick, IN 2000
Stephanie Podejko (M) CA 2001
Lynn Luikart (M) Hutto, TX 2002
Charlie Cyopik (M) OH 2003
Lori McCrone (M) Lawerance, KS 2004
Terri Bailey (M) Louisville, KY 2005
Janey Randelett (M) Louisville, KY 2006
Mary-Lynn Jensen(C) Louisville,KY 2006
Stephanie Podejko(M) Georgetown, KY 2007
2008 Canceled
Danielle LeVangie (M) Lawerance, KS 2009 

Julie Stillman (M) Lawerance, KS 2010

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