Index of Diseases and Conditions (T)

Temporomandibular joint syndrome (2-531,3-361)
Tendinitis (2-224)
Throat (1-88[inflamed],2-508[sore],3-343[sore])
Thrush (1-58)
Thyroid disorders (3-365)
Tinnitus (533)
Tobacco (1-88[counteract poisoning effects])
Tonsillitis (3-368)
Tooth problems (1-59[ache],1-88[ache],2-535[grinding],3-358[tooth and gum disease],3-371[ache])
Tumors (1-49,59)
Tumors [scrofulous] (1-60[formula])
Type A personality (2-539)
Typhoid Fever (1-50)



(1) School of Natural Healing, Dr. John R. Christopher
(2) New Choices in Natural Healing, Prevention Magazine Health Books
(3) The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, Tom Monte

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