A Walk in the Park

Marsha Hultsman


Another holiday comes and goes
My mind is in a world of woes
I can't help but remember
Our good times together
oh, my! What good times those!

I try not to think
Bad thoughts of the day
But sometimes they just
Won't go away

Tis raining outside,
The sky is so dark
I wish I could just
Take a walk in the park

A walk down the path
To the water so cool
Where the whipperwills
Sing, and the minnows do pool

There where the rippling waters flow
We vowed our love so everyone knows
You loved me and I loved you
But you're gone now and I'm so blue

Sometimes I sigh
And I just want to die,
But I'll go on
Till my time has come

We'll neet up there
And our love we'11 share
In the Heavenly sky
Under Gods watchful eye!

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