Marsha Hultsman


Bearing a child does not a Mother make
What are Mothers?

Mothers are special people
with a special kind of love
that includes a hug,
A hug when we're hurt
A hug when we're sad
A hug when we're injured
A hug when we're glad
A hug when we're crying
A hug when we're sighing
A hug when we're lonely
or a hug just because!

A love that includes pride when we do well
Disappointment for us when or if we fail
Punishment to teach us right from wrong
Saying no at the right time and remaining strong

Love includes anger when we don't do our chores
Worry when we're sick, not knowing our course
Frustration because we didn't mow the lawn
Pleasure when we say "I Love You Mom"!

She wipes away the tears when we cry
and hugs us so tight we think we'll die
She helps pick out a nice gown for the prom
She beams with pride at the way we've grown

She worries herself sick if we stay out too late
She gets grey hairs when the car we take
She prays to God during the dating game
She cries at our wedding as we take his name

She beams with pride as the grandchild arrives
She walks the floor when their temperatures rise
remembering the nights she did this before
with the children she raised and oh, so adores

She never interferes by giving advice
Her cooking! Oh my, sweet sugar and spice
But she's growing older all the while
She prays she'11 never be a burden to her child

But if that day should ever come
I hope as she, I can be as strong
and reverse the role that she played for me
and show her the love that she gave so free.

I dedicate this poem to my Mother, Inez Douglass
Thanks Mom for all you've done for me!
I love you Mom!!

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