With Loving Memories, by Marsha Hultsman




These poems come straight
from the heart.
Some I wrote in memory of
Charles, my sweet love.
Some I wrote for me with
guidance from above
Some I wrote for my friends
Some I wrote for my parents
Some I wrote,
well, just because!

I dedicate these poems,
to those who have remained
friends and those who have
become friends this past year.

To my family:
Mom and Dad,
Marilyn and Kent,
Bill and Terry.
A special daughter Diane,
Andy, Russel and Brian.

To my very specia
friend Jean, without whom,
I could not have carried on.

To Carla and Howard,
Nina and Art,
Tegan, Rick,
Eileen, Kendra and Cory,
Gayle, Walt and Linda Lu,
Linda (Red), Debbie.

To all my special web friends,
Leda (my life saver), Hobbo,
Diggem, and last but not least
Kyrebelle and Cris who have
been kind enough to put
my poems on their web pages.

A special dedication for
my sister-in-law who went
through the torment of
watching her husband suffer
till his death. Marilyn,
I love you, and Wanda, Pam,
and Paula. Charles and
Richard are together now,
I know they are proud
of you all.

Our Love
God and Thee
A Walk in the Park
Bad Thoughts
Young Love
Girls and Boys
Warm Hugs
To Zoe and Monique


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