Marriages of Rutland, Massachusetts

To the end of the year 1849
(Out of copyright)


a. - Age
abt. - About
b. - Born
bap. - Baptism
ch. - Child
chn. - Children
Co. - County
C.R.- Church Record
d. - Daughter; day; died
Dea. - Deacon
D.R. - Death Record
dup. - Duplicate Entry
f. - Female
G.S. - Gravestone Record
h. - Husband

inf. - Infant
int. - Publishment of intention of marriage
Jr. - Junior
m. - Male; married; month
N.S. - New Style
O.S. - Old Style
P.R. - Private Record [of the Rev. Josiah Clark]
rec. - Recorded
s. - Son
Sr. - Senior
w. - Wife
wid. - Widow
widr. - Widower
y. - Year
2d - Second

ABBOT (See Abbott) ABBOT (See Abbott)
Abijah [Abbott in int.] and Nabby Cutting of Holden, Feb. 14, 1796. In Holden. Susanna of Paxton and Otis Mclain, int. Dec. 1802.
ABBOTT (See Abbot)
Nancy C. of Paxton and David M. Stone, int. May 18, 1843.
Aaron and Susanna Walker, Nov. 18, 1807.
Abijah and Roxana Allen of Barre, int. April 27, 1817.
Abijah and Emeline Watkins of Holiston, int. March 30, 1821.
Abram S. and Elmira Eager of Westminster, int. Feb. 23, 1842.
Catharine [Catee in int.] and Henry Adams, Sept. 28, 1802.
Daniel and Elizabeth Parmenter of Oakham, int. March 25, 1809.
Daniel of Medfield and Harriot Read, Jan. 4, 1816.
Ebenezer of Leicester and Alice Frink, July 9, 1795.
Elizabeth of Framingham and Jonas Stone, Nov. 5, 1731. In Framingham. [Int. not recorded.]
Eunice W. of Dudley and Elijah Preston, int. Feb. 27, 1832.
Harriet of Barre and George Smith, int. March 11, 1826.
Henry and Catharine Adams, Sept. 28, 1802.
James Jr. of Barre and Eliza Smith, March 14, 1822.
John of Oakham and Louis Newcomb, March 5, 1809.
Joseph and Rhoda Phillips, Feb. 3, 1805.
Loenza B. (d. Ephraim and Lydia, a. 20) and Aaron P. Snow of Paxton, Nov. 11, 1845.
Loiania [Loriana in int.] and Arba Bullard, April 11, 1819.
Mrs. Lydia of Fitchburg and Joseph Davis, int. Nov. 13, 1842.
Mary of Medway and Jonathan Medcalf, Aug. 19, 1742. In Medway. [int. not recorded.]
Mary of Hubbardston and Abial G. Thomas, int. May 8, 1842.
Nathan and Abigail White, both of Barre, March 8, 1810. [int. not recorded.]
Peter and Hannah Britton, July 6, 1778.
Polly of Barre and Daniel How, int. Oct. 9, 1800.
Sybel of Hubbardston and Asa Phillips, int. April 17, 1814.
Thankful of Medway and Thaddeus Partridge, Sept. 8, 1766. In Medway. [int. not recorded.]
Timothy of Barre and Roxana Harrington, Nov. 26, 1820.
John and Julia A. Grout of Worcester, int. March 28, 1838.
Eveline and Patten Rice, both of Western, March 22, 1832. [int. not recorded.]
Abigail [Allin in int.] and William Allen, Aug. 14, 1746.
Abner and Susan S. Merrill, Aug. 13, 1837.
Benjamin 2d and Sarah Walker of Winchendon, int. March 11, 1827.
Chloe and Benjamin Henry, April 14, 1797.
David G. and Mary Barns of Spencer, int. Feb. 27, 1838.
Elijah of Marlborough and Molly Barlet, June 30, 1782.
Elisha of Petersham and Caroline Flint, Aug. 30, 1787.
Eliza and Lyman Day, both of Western, April 14, 1823. [int. not recorded.]
Ephraim and Huldah Chesnut of Shrewsbury, July 12, 1757. In Shrewsbury.
Ephraim and Mary Ann Hill of Hubbardston, int. Oct. 30, 1830.
Eunice of Barre and Josiah Brittan, int. June 23, 1819.
Eunice and Otis Parker of Hubbardston, Nov. 4, 1820.
Nehemiah and Anna Billing of Concord, Nov. 28, 1752. At. Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Roxana of Barre and Abijah Adams, int. April 27, 1817.
Sally and Joseph King, March 7, 1827.
Sarah and Joel Sibley of Winchendon, int. July 7, 1832.
Sumner and Nancy D. Dyke of West Boylston, int. May 4, 1844.
Susan and Silas Russell of Hubbardston, int. Aug. 18, 1842.
William and Abigail Allen, Aug. 14, 1746.
William and Hannah Brigham, June 8, 1747.
Zebadiah of Rutland District and Hannah Grout, Oct. 1, 1761. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Allice and John Rice Jr., Nov. 17, 1811.
Asa and Eleaner Vasti Bratz of Worcester, Sept. 9,1798. In Worcester.
Betsy and Moses Pond of Hubbardstone, int. May 5, 1800.
Elizabeth and William Smith Jr., Sept. 1, 1772.
James and Elizabeth Hall, Dec. 8, 1761.
John and Sarah Davis, Nov. 20, 1769.
John and Susan Gates of Hubbardston, int. April 3, 1813.
Jonathan and Thankful Parmenter, Jan. 19, 1763. [int. not recorded.]
Jonathan and Relief Muzzy of Hubbardston, int. March 31, 1795.
Jonathan and Percis Graves, June 29, 1814.
Lucy and Eli Wheeler, May 26, 1807.
Polly and Benjamin Reed, June 6, 1803.
Polly and Patne Randolph Tayler, March 24, 1805.
Rebecca [Rebeca in int.] and Daniel Read, June 14, 1796.
Sally and Jacob Wheeler, Feb. 6, 1799.
Samuell and Sarah Ball, July 8, 1756.
Sarah and Micajah How of Petersham, Dec. 27, 1756.
Sarah and Abiathar Child, March 13, 1780.
Anne of Hardwicke and William Whitaker, int. Sept. 4, 1745. Jeremiah of Ware River and Wid. Jane Lammond, int. Feb. 21, 1757.
Rev. David of Pepperell and Thankful Murdock, Sept. 15, 1840. Sarah and Zacheus Gates of Leicester, Feb. 17, 1757.
Addison and Ann Knight of New Braintree, int. Sept. 27, 1829. Lyman J. of Holden and Abigail Darling, int. April 11, 1840.
Hannah and Boaz Moore, June 8, 1758. Patiant [Patience in int.] and Samuell Stone Jr., March 11, 1756.
Charlotte Hazen and Nathaniel Hazen White, Nov. 17, 1803.
Catherine of Holden and Lt. Samuel B. Bent, int. Feb. 4, 1816.
Avery B. and Maria Estabrook, Nov. 16, 1831.
Lurana of Barre and James R. Willard, int. Oct. 26, 1833.
Maria E. (d. Taylor and Sally Estabrook, a. 36, wid.) and John Flint, both of Templeton, Sept. 8, 1847. [int. not recorded.]
David of Barre and Hannah Mason, Oct. 15, 1817. Mary of Brookfield and James Brown, int. Aug. 20, 1762.
BAIN [Boice?]
Isabel and Darius Bent, March 9, 1797.
Joel and Lucy A. Wheeler, April 23, 1830. Polly of Walpole and John P. Bowker, int. July 18, 1812.
Abigail and James Wheeler, May 24, 1750.
Charlotte L. (d. Isaac and Almira, a. 22) and Lattimer S. Barrows, Jan. 5, 1848.
David of Spencer and Elizabeth Savage, March 28,1802.
Eleazer [Elezer in int.] and Lucy Darby of Concord, Dec. 28, 1758. In Concord.
Eleazer and Lucy Rozer, Nov. 3, 1783.
Jonas and Eliza Read, May 25, 1825.
Louisa and Asa Kimball of Montreal, Lower Canady, Feb. 6, 1826.
Louisa C. (d. Isaac and Almira, a. 18) and Isaac R. Savage, May 31, 1848.
Louisa M. and Tarbel H. White of West Boylston, int. Sept. 25, 1847.
Wid. Lucy and Samuell Chafin of Holden, int. Oct. 1, 1768.
Mary and John Priest, int. March 15, 1783.
Moses and Vasti Oaks, March 6, 1777. In Holden.
Nathan and Abigail Carouth, March 10,1829.
Polly and John Forbes, March 23, 1816.
Sally and Silas Holbrook of Montreal, Feb. 26, 1818.
Samuel and Hannah Ranger of Brookfield, int. Dec. 18, 1788.
Sarah and Samuell Ames, July 8, 1756.
Thomas and Rebecah Parmenter, June 5, 1760.
Helen [Hellen in int.] M. (d. Leonard and Rhoda, a. 19) and Calvin Lane, Jan. 1, 1846.
Cynthia of Templeton and Joseph Smith, int. March 29, 1822.
Patty of Packardsfield and Moses Pratt, int. March 18, 1798.
Thankfull of Peckersfield, N.H., and Augustus Stone, int. Jan. 8, 1809.
William and Azubah McMains, June 7, 1750.
Andrew and Elizabeth Wood of Greenwich, June 21, 1782. In Greenwich.
Mary of Worcestor and Jonathan Bullard of Rutland District, Nov. 16, 1761. In Worcestor.
Mary of Concord and Daniel Bartlett, March 20, 1754. In Concord.
BARNES (See Barns) BARNES (See Barns)
Charles and Sally Parker of Charlton, int. Aug. 17, 1821.
James M. [Barns in int.] and Mary Ann D. C. Clark, April 11, 1838.
Lucy and John Bemis, March 19, 1834.
Rebecca of Brookfield and John McNair, July 3, 1781. At Brookfield. [int. not recorded.]
Jonathan of Boston and Sarah B. Hammond, Dec. 5, 1822.
Louis of Newbraintree and Joseph Browning, int. Feb. 20, 1795.
BARNS (See Barnes) BARNS (See Barnes)
Eber and Fanna Hanes, Jan. 11, 1803.
Eber [Ebed Barnes in int.] and Axey Colburn, April 18, 1816.
Martha of Hopkinton and Joel Clap, int. Oct. 10, 1800.
Mary of Spencer and David G. Allen, int. Feb. 27, 1838.
Jane of Hardwicke and Samuel Finten, int. Sept. 21, 1745. Warren W. [P. in int.] of Spencer (s. Hiram and Sally A., a. 23) and Julia E. Boyden, May 7, 1844.
Lydia [Barritt in int.] of Paxton and Israel Stone, July 12, 1768. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth How, May 15, 1750.
Lattimer S. [Lattimar H. in int.] (s. William and Susan, a. 28) and Charlotte L. Ball, Jan. 5, 1848. Thomas of Rutland District and Margrit Harman, int. April 9, 1768.
BARTLET (See Bartlett) BARTLET (See Bartlett)
Abigail and James Forbus, Feb. 7, 1782.
Adonijah and Ruth Frost, Nov. 20, 1784.
Asa and Hannah Fuller, "both of a place called Shepardsfield," March 4, 1790. [int. not recorded.]
Daniel Jr. and Rachel Fuller, March 3, 1791.
Eliada and Sarah Williams, int. Sept. 19, 1794.
Joseph and Sally Frost of Hubbardston, kint. June 16, 1810.
Josiah and Sally Bartlet, Nov. 15, 1785.
Lucy and Joel Hubbard, Dec. 8, 1791.
Molly and Elijah Allen of Marlborough, June 30, 1782.
Pamela and Daniel Sanders Jr., int. Dec. 27, 1800.
Patty and Moses Gunn of Montague, int. Feb. 11, 1809.
Sally [Salla in int.] and Josiah Bartlet, Nov. 15, 1785.
Sarah of Marlborough and Daniell Sanders, int. Nov. 10, 1750.
BARTLETT (See Bartlet) BARTLETT (See Bartlet)
Abigail and Daniel Darling, March 23, 1824.
Adanijah and Ruth Putnam, March 10, 1808.
Alfred P. and Phebe Hubbard, both of Holden, May 9, 1833. In Holden. [int. not recorded.]
Betsey P. and Joel Hubbard of Holden, int. March 3, 1817.
Capt. Charles and Elizabeth M. Read, May 17, 1838.
Charles P. and Jane P. Rice of South [Orrange?], int. April 16, 1840.
Daniel and Mary Barker of Concord, March 20, 1754. In Concord.
Daniel and Sally Oak of Athens, Vt., int. April 3, 1819.
Eliza and Benjamin Smith, June 22, 1826.
Elizabeth [Bartlet in int.] and Calvin Brooks of Princeton, May 29, 1806.
Harriet S. (d. Levi Jr. and Hannah H., a. 17] and Henry B. Thomas of Worcester, Jan. 1, 1846.
Joseph and Lydia Cooledge of Westborough, Feb. 5, 1745. In Shrewsbury.
Joshua N. of Ward and Mary Estabrook, Dec. 23, 1821.
Levi and Sally Davis of Holden, Feb. 2, 1796. In Holden.
Levi Jr. and Hannah H. How, April 11, 1827.
Levi Jr. and Almira Moore, Nov. 24, 1840.
Mary and William Munroe, Nov. 1, 1838.
Roxana and Morrice Rice, Oct. 24, 1828.
Ruth and Amos Bemis of Paxton, int. Sept. 26, 1813.
Sarah (d. Levi and Sarah, a. 29) and Daniel Darling, Oct. 17, 1844.
William and Mary Mallory of Russel, int. March 13, 1824.
William of North Brookfield and Harriot Rice, April 7, 1829.
Austin [of Oxford in int.] and Lucy W. King, Jan. 29, 1835. Silence and Charles B. Lion of Spencer, int. April 3, 1822.
Lewis H. (s. Ira and Hannah, a. 23) and Pamelia E. Stone, March 31, 1846.
Clement and Sally Williams, int. Dec. __, 1792.
William of Parkersfield, N.H., and Elizabeth Stone, May 29, 1804.
Breed of Keene and Ruth Davis, March 11, 1766.
Rebeckah and Enoch Broad, Jan. 21, 1787. [int. not recorded.]
Chloe and Samuel Hubbard of Concord, June 16, 1805.
Mary and Lockert Smith, Dec. 18, 1794.
Sally and John Hubbard Stratton of Holden, June 21, 1804.
Lucy and Benjamin Eustis, Nov. __, 1811.
Wid. Hannah of Westborough and Lt. Moses Lenard, int. March 3, 1757.
James and Martha Crawford, May 24, 1733. [int. not recorded.]
Mary and James Molholland, June 19, 1755.
Samuel [Samuell in int.] of Londonderry and Mrs. Sarah Slarrow, Dec. 28, 1758.
William and Christian Mcfarland, Sept. 13, 1759.
Isaac and Eunice Stone, March 9, 1758.
Joseph of Paxton and Rebecca Davis, July 11, 1765.
Jotham and Rebekah Davis, June 8, 1758.
Ruth and Jacob Parmenter, Aug. 12, 1776.
Achsah L. of Spencer and Amos Snow, int. March 16, 1833.
Amos of Paxton and Ruth Bartlett, int. Sept. 26, 1813.
Hiram M. of North Brookfield (s. Cephas and Harriet, a. 21) and Angeline Newton, June 24, 1848.
John and Lucy Barnes, March 19, 1834.
Jonas [Bimis in int.] of Royalston and Mary Smith, Oct. 21, 1806.
Caleb of Hardwick and Mrs. Elizabeth Rice, Nov. 18, 1760. Susanna and Jonathan Hight, int. Aug. 8, 1772.
Danforth Jr. of Worcester and Frinda F. Phillips, int. Aut. 8, 1841.
Darius and Isabel Bain [Boice?], March 9, 1797.
David and Lucy Moore, April 3, 1751.
David Jr. and Phebe Whittemore of Paxton, April 26, 1775. In Spencer.
Capt. David and Mrs. Martha Browning, Oct. 2, 1783.
Dorothy of Sudbury and Richard Mills of Rutland District, Nov. 9, 1762. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Lucy and Joseph Green of Leicester, int. June 23, 1774.
Mary of Sudbury and David Goodenow, Sept. 24, 1741. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Molly and George Smith Jr., Feb. 12, 1789.
Phebe and John Mcclenathan of Hubbardston, Nov. 13, 1780.
Phinehas and Polly Frink, Dec. 31, 1798.
Samuel Browning and Hannah Watson of Spencer, int. Oct. 16, 1806.
Lt. Samuel B. and Catherine Avery of Holden, int. Feb. 4, 1816.
Susannah of Sudbury and Ebenezer Mower, Dec. 5, 1765. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Alexander of New Salem and Martha Smith, int. Dec. 23, 1774. Shears and Esther Woodward of Holden, June 15, 1750.
BIGELOW (See Biglo) BIGELOW (See Biglo)
Ann E. (d. Asa, a. 19) and Almond B. Prouty, Nov. 20, 1849.
Betsey R. [Read in int.] and Nathaniel Taylor of Worcester, Nov. 2, 1837.
Horace W. (s. Almira, a. 25) and Louisa Estabrook, May 6, 1846.
John W. and Sarah Temple, May 1, 1838.
Joseph and Beersheba Read, Jan. 9, 1806.
Joaseph 2d and Orrel Hathuaway of Sutton, int. Oct. 18, 1820.
Julia Ann H. (d. Levi and Tabitha, a. 18) and Joseph M. Skinner, Dec. 20, 1848.
Levi and Tabitha Maynard, April 3, 1828.
Lois O. (d. Asa and Lois, a. 24) and Benjamin Dike Jr., both of Holden, Jan. 8, 1845. [int. not recorded.]
Martha I. and Lawson S. Brigham, int. Oct. 13, 1844.
Mary A. and Calvin Stone, April 14, 1838.
Merrill H. and Charlotte E. Willard of Wrentham, int. June 9, 1849.
Nathan of Spencer and Prudence Hathaway, March 16, 1824.
Persis B. and Francis F. King, int. April 18, 1846.
Rebecca B. of Princeton and Isaac Briant Jr., int. March 12, 1828.
Sally and Rufus Buxton of North Brookfield, April 20, 1820.
BIGLO (See Bigelow)
Rebecca of Holdin and Richard Cheever, int. Sept. 29, 1750.
BILLING (See Billings)
Anna of Concord and Nehemiah Allen, Nov. 28, 1752. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
BILLINGS (See Billing)
Sarah of Concord and Ephraim Hubbard, June 6, 1744. In Concord.
BLACK (See Blacke) BLACK (See Blacke)
Abraham and Mary Mcintire, April 18, 1753.
Caroline and Mathias Rice, int. Nov. 1, 1846.
Elizabeth of Rutland District and James Blacke, int. Feb. 25, 1758.
John and Isabel Moor, Nov. 27, 1760.
John and Sarah Work, May 9, 1763.
Salla of Worcester and Christopher Malbone, resident in Rutland, int. Sept. 22, 1786.
BLACKE (See Black)
James and Elizabeth Black of Rutland District, int. Feb. 25, 1758.
Ransler and Hannah Davis, March 6, 1825.
Artemas and Sally Estabrook of Paxton, int. Nov. 18, 1815.
Betty and Joel Boies of Blanford, Oct. 24, 1781.
Dorothy of Weston and Malcom Henry of Oakham, int. Oct. 9, 1762.
Elizabeth of Weston and John Moor Jr., int. July 2, 1774.
Hugh and Jane Mchannan of Cheerlymount, int. Nov. 7, 1772.
Isbel [Isabel in int.] and Patrick Watson of Palmer, June 23, 1768.
James Jr. [Jr. in int.] and Martha Young of Worcester, Nov. 24, 1778. In Worcester.
John and Ann Bothwell, int. Nov. 22, 1760.
John and Eunice Harrington, Nov. 30, 1780. In Holden.
Mary and Samuell McClenathan of Palmer, Nov. 2, 1769.
Polly of Hubburdston and Ephraim Church, int. Oct. 18, 1781.
Charlot of Hingham and William Caldwell, int. Sept. 7, 1778.
Francis and Eliza Chandler of Lancaster, Dec. 14, 1794. In Lancaster.
George and Sally Miller, Dec. 15, 1822.
William and Mary Hildreth, int. Feb. 7, 1813.
Sarah and Bejamin Merritt, int. Nov. 26, 1757.
Caira L. (d. Amplius and Lovinia, a. 20) and Andrew S. Pike, Oct. 16, 1848.
Emeline F. and Albert Rogers, int. Feb. 22, 1845. William [Dr. William in int.] of Ware, N.H., and Patty Smith, May 25, 1800.
Elizabeth of Concord and Joseph Read, Dec. 22, 1761. In Concord. [int. not recorded.]
Isabel [Isabell Bogle in int.] of Sudbury and John Fasset, Feb. 16, 1764. At Sudbury.
BOICE (See Boies, Boys) BOICE (See Boies, Boys)
Isabel and Darius Bent, int. Jan. 28, 1797. See under Bain.
Jane and Elijah Stearns Jr., June 25, 1795.
John and Anna Oliver of Barre, int. May 10, 1812.
John Jr. and Polly Bond of Leicester, int. April 12, 1812.
Patty [Boys in int.] and Reuben Smith of Paxton, Nov. 26, 1789.
Thomas and Wid. Margaret Thompson of Princeton, int. Jan. 3, 1811.
BOIES (See Boice, Boys) BOIES (See Boice, Boys)
John Jr. and Lucy H. Prouty of Brookfiel [sic], int. June 4, 1815. Joel of Blanford and Betty Blair, Oct. 24, 1781.
Polly of Leicester and John Boice Jr., int. April 22, 1812.
Ollive [Olive in int.] and Samuel W. Cowden, Jan. 8, 1824.
Allexander and Mareret Kennedy, Feb. 20, 1734-5.
Ann and John Blair, int. Nov. 22, 1760.
Berry and Wid. Margerit Gill, int. Sept. 23, 1758.
John of Petersham and Sarah Flint, int. May 13, 1764.
John P. and Polly Baker of Walpole, int. July 18, 1812.
Joseph and Mrs. Polly P. Noyes of Sudbury, int. March 2, 1842.
Nancy and Jacob Child, April 19, 1807.
Sally and Lovell Ingalls of Bristol, R.I., April 8, 1810.
Julia E. (d. Amasa and Hannah, a. 20) and Warren W. Barr of Spencer, May 7, 1844. Samuel and Roxanna Sawyer, April 16, 1825.
Samuel and Harriet B. West, April 20, 1836.
Charlotte and Isaac Savage, Nov. 21, 1793.
Patty and John Upham of Spencer, Sept. 18, 18, 1796.
Philip and Mary Mcclanathan, March 6, 1772.
BOYS (See Boice, Boies) BOYS (See Boice, Boies)
John and Martha Dickee, April 7, 1763. Thomas and Patty Read, Feb. 18, 1790.
James F. of Hubbardston (s. James and Lydia, a. 27) and Catherine A. Estabrook, Jan. 15, 1846.
Eleaner Vasti [Elenor Vashti Braatz in int.] of Worcester and Asa Ames, Sept. 9, 1798. In Worcester.
Eliab of Paxton and Salle Rice, Feb. 18, 1782. Lucy of Paxton and Peter Goulding of Holen, Nov. 27, 1766. [int. not recorded.]
BRIANT (See Bryant) BRIANT (See Bryant)
Betsy and James Smith 2d, int. May 1, 1813.
Isaac Jr. and Rebecca B. Bigelow of Princeton, int. March 12,1828.
John [Bryant in int.] and Esther Stone, Jan. 6, 1757.
John Jr. and Tabitha Moore, May 15, 1783.
John and Betsey Parmenter of Princeton, int. March 4, 1833.
Mary M. and William E. Briant, Nov. 1, 1836.
Mindwell and Abel Parmenter, March 13, 1785.
William E. and Mary M. Briant, Nov. 1, 1836.
Emilia and Zadock Gates, Oct. 15, 1801.
Abel and Lydia Melvin of Concord, Nov. 13, 1786. In Concord. [int. not recorded.]
Abijah and Malissa Stratton, Oct. 19, 1817.
Hannah and William Allen, June 8, 1747.
Lawson S. and Martha I. Bigelow, int. Oct. 13, 1844.
Mary of Marlbro and Jacob Sweetser Jr., int. Sept. 24, 1763.
Mary A. and Daniel M. Parker of Oakham, int. Dec. 16, 1848.
Munroe B. and Eliza Smith of Barre, int. July 25, 1845..
Nabby of Sutton and Joseph Smith, int. April 7, 1811
Phebe and Joseph Hubburd of Holden, May 3, 1744.
Roxy and Luke Robinson, May 20, 1806.
Sarah and Samuel Browne, March 18, 1736. [int. not recorded.]
Deborah [Mrs. Deborah Brinly in int.] of Boston and John Murray, Jan. 24, 1770. In Boston. [int. not recorded.]
BRINTNAL (See Brintnall)
Dorothy of Sudbury and Ephraim Moore, May 11, 1736. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
BRINTNALL (See Brintnal)
Polly and Inman Fessenden, Nov. 13, 1796.
BRITTAIN (See Brittan, Britton) BRITTAIN (See Brittan, Britton)
Samuel [Britton in int.] and Ruth Parker of Shrewsbury, Oct. 4, 1768. At Shrewsbury. William and Lydia Whitney of Shrewsbury, Nov. 3, 1767. In Shrewsbury.
BRITTAN (See Brittain, Britton) BRITTAN (See Brittain, Britton)
Josiah and Eunice Allen of Barre, int. June 23, 1819. Susan and Calvin G. How, April 17, 1823.
BRITTON (See Brittain, Brittan)
Hannah and Peter Adams, July 6, 1778.
Enoch and Rebeckah Battel, Jan. 21, 1787. [int. not recorded.]
Eliza Ann (d. Elisha and Rebecca, a. 21) and Thomas S. Knowlton, Dec. 10, 1845.
Ira of Holden and Lucy J. Foster, Oct. 3, 1838.
Josiah [Braud Jr. in int.] of Holden and Betsy Woodcock, March 3, 1803.
Mehitable of Medway and Hartshorn Marsh of Rutland District, Aug. 17, 1773. In Medway. [int. not recorded.]
BROWN (See Browne) BROWN (See Browne)
Abel and Ammitte How, Dec. 4, 1760.
Abigail and David Davis, Nov. 22, 1764.
Almira and Rufus G. Warren of Grafton, June 14, 1831.
Alpheus and Polly King, Dec. 11, 1803.
Alpheus King and Lucy Malinda Hubbard, Oct. 24, 1831.
Asa and Sarah Rice, May 22, 1782.
Betsey and Capt. Joseph King, Nov. 28, 1816.
David and Abigail Goodenow of Sudbury, Dec. 28, 1736. At Sudbury. [int. not recorded.]
Dolly and William Chaddock, Nov. 1, 1807.
Dorothy and Daniel Hubbard of Holden, Dec. 11, 1794. In Holden.
Franklin of Western and Betsey Gregory, March 21, 1821..
Gideon and Deborah Parmenter of Sudbury, June 25, 1754. At Sudbury.
Hannah and Horace Knight of Leicester, Aug. 4, 1834
Harriot and Otis West of New Brantree, int. Sept. 19, 1813.
Isabella P. and Harvey Hooker, both of Paxton, Dec. 29, 1830. [int. not recorded.]
James and Mary Bacon of Brookfield, int. Aug. 20, 1762.
James of Oakham and Wid. Rhoda Clark, int. May 7, 1796.
John and Jane Patterson of Roxbury, July 27, 1720. In Roxbury. [int. not recorded.]
Jonas of Sutton (s. Josiah and Releif, a. 41, widr.) and Roxa. A. J. Marsh, Jan. 19, 1848.
Levi of Oakham and Patience Phillips, Oct. 25, 1781.
Mrs. Mary of Holden and John Stone, Dec. 4, 1766. In Holden.
Mary C. S. and Sparrow Crosby Jr. of Holden, Dec. 10, 1829.
Sally of Oakham and Samuel Murray, April 16, 1798.
Solomon and Mary Davis, Oct. 16, 1788.
Sukey and Marcus Jones [Jonas?] Johnson, April 30, 1807.
Thaddeus and Martha Snow, both of Paxton, Dec. 2, 1783. [int. not recorded.]
Thankfull of Oakham and Jacob Evans, int. June 24, 1810.
Timothy of Holden and Mrs. Mary Stratton, Feb. 19, 1750-1. in Holden.
BROWNE (See Brown)
Samuel and Sarah Brigham, March 18, 1736. [int. not recorded.]
Alice [Allis in int.] and Willard M. Miles, Nov. 28, 1816.
Betsy and Suel Reed, Dec. 24, 1805.
Charles A. and Susannah H. King, April 26, 1837.
Clarra of Hubbardston and James Smith, int. Nov. 26, 1814.
Elizabeth and William Mcfarland of Worcester, Nov. 7, 1745.
Mrs. Elizabeth and Andrew Oliphant of Dedham, Nov. 23, 1752.
Elizabeth and Jonah Smith of Shrewsbury, Oct. 15, 1771.
Elizabeth and Oliver Harden of Barre, Nov. 9, 1803.
Mrs. Elizabeth and William White of Spencer, int. April 11, 1817.
Ephraim and Sally Woodis of Spencer, April 17, 1794. In Spencer.
Ephraim and Clarinda Green of Paxton, int. Aug. 14, 1806.
Eunice and Samuel Smith Watson, Dec. 22, 1785. [int. not recorded.]
George and Sally Howe of Paxton, May 1, 1799. In Paxton.
James and Rebeccah Scott of Leicester, Jan. 15, 1756. In Leicester.
Lt. James and Mrs. Elizabeth Estabrook, Nov. 27, 1783.
James [James 2d in int.] and Nabby Wilson of Leicester, Dec. 1, 1796. In Spencer.
James and Betsy Whitemore of Spencer, int. March 12, 1809..
James and Alice How, April 18, 1816
John and Sarah Tuff of Brookfield, int. May 2, 1761.
John of Hubbardston and Clara Sherman, Oct. 7, 1784.
John and Margaret Forbes, June 22, 1803.
Joseph and Lucy Sherman, Aug. 30, 1786.
Joseph and Louis Barniby of Newbraintree, int. Feb. 20, 1795.
Lucy and James Watson of Spencer, May 1, 1777.
Margret [Margerit in int.] and William Tufft of Newbrantery, Nov. 17, 1763.
Mrs. Martha and Capt. David Bent, Oct. 2, 1783.
Martha and Peter Newton Jr., April 15, 1790.
Mary and Matthew Caldwell of Rutland District, Jan. 31, 1754.
Mary and James Smith Jr., Dec. 30, 1778.
Nancy and Perley Whitmore of Killingly, Ct., June 21, 1801.
Patty [or Polly] and Joel Smith of Paxton, March 13, 1811.
Rebecca [Rebeccah in int.] and John Cutler of New Ipswitch, Oct. 12, 1773.
Rebecca and Benjamin Conklin Jr. of Leicester, April 15, 1794.
Rebeckah and Edward Crossett of New Salem, int. Oct. 16, 1772.
Sarah and James Hubbard of Hinsdale, int. March 17, 1788.
Sophia and Charles L. Newton, May __, 1811.
Trustram of Partridgefield and Rebeckah Smith, Oct. 12, 1784.
William and Rebeccah McFarland of Worcester, Nov. 22, 1750. In Worcester.
BRYANT (See Briant) BRYANT (See Briant)
Ann Maria (d. Josiah and Grace, a. 26) and William Fullam of North Brookfield, Nov. 23, 1848. Isaac [Briant in int.] and Betsey Howe of Princeton, May 1, 1788. In Princeton.
Jacob of Licester and Abigail Newton, Oct. 10, 1744.
BUCKINGAM (See Buckingham)
Jonas and Sarah Mccarter, Dec. 10, 1729. [int. not recorded.]
BUCKINGHAM (See Buckingam)
Jonas and Mrs. Mary McGregory, Dec. 9, 1756.
BUCKMAN (See Bucknum)
Anna of Medway and Capt. Edward Clark of Rutland District, Oct. 25, 1759. In Medway. [int. not recorded.]
Hannah and Lt. Benjamin Miles, Nov. 12, 1780.
Rev. Joseph and Mrs. Lucy Williams of Weston, June 30, 1743. In Weston. [int. not recorded.]
Sarah [Mrs. Sarah in int.] and Chamberlin Eustis, Sept. 3, 1767.
Solomon and Bettee Davis, Nov. 5, 1778. [int. not recorded.]
Solomon and Hannah Rice, May 5, 1784.
BUCKNUM (See Buckman)
Maryaha Cuchmam and James Field of Old Braintree, int. Feb. 14, 1789.
Anna and Thomas Child, Nov. 23, 1753.
Arba and Loiania Adams, April 11, 1819.
Mrs. Elizabeth of Weston and Aaron Rice, April 14, 1743. In Weston. [int. not recorded.]
Isaac of Rutland District and Lucy Stevens, Dec. 14, 1753.
Jonathan and Lydia Foster, May 22, 1755.
Jonathan of Rutland District and Mary Barber of Worcester, Nov. 16, 1761. In Worcester.
Lorania [Mrs. Lorania in int.] and Asahel S. Preston, Aug. 11, 1829.
Lydia of Oakham and Phinehas Everett Jr., int. June 5, 1796.
Mary and Jonathan Fletcher, int. Aug. 26, 1748.
Mary and Ebenezer Mann of Hubbardston, int. Jan. 21, 1777.
Ensign Christopher and Susanna Putnam, Dec. 13, 1787.
Elcy P. of Boston and Joseph Buss, March 15, 1831. Susan W. of Templeton and Sewall Stone, int. April 6, 1823.
Joseph and Elcy P. Bush of Boston, March 15, 1831. Martin of Middlebury and Eliza Marble, int. Dec. 28, 1822.
Sarah [Buttrick in int.] and Jonas Parmenter, July 25, 1765.
Rufus of North Brookfield and Sally Bigelow, April 20, 1820.

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