The Inner Man

A Spiritual Journey
of an Imperfect Man

Cris Coleman

A Conversation with God There are times when I feel discouraged -- like I'm getting nowhere in my spiritual life, like I'm not able to get beyond the vicissitudes of life that appear before me as a constant reminder of my weaknesses, like the heavens are closed to my prayers. It is times like these that I refer back to "A Conversation with God" to comfort me and remind me that I am not alone, even in the depths of my sorrows. There are no sorrows common to man that Jesus has not taken upon himself in my behalf. There are no pains he has not suffered for my sins. Jesus told the rich young man that there is none good but God. Somehow, I think that Jesus also qualifies as good, for he has done the greatest good for and in behalf of all mankind.
To He Who Thinks He Knows Me Well Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with weaknesses. Perhaps I am the only one who feels that way, but I seriously doubt it. In our deepest, darkest hours, when all our humanness comes crashing down upon us, and we are faced with our own vulnerability, when we have lost greatly, we come face to face with that part of us which is often hidden from our view, the hurting part, the part we bury beneath a thick layer of machoism and other outer isms. It is these things by which others tend to judge us.
Winter's Dream Ever since I moved eastward from Sacramento, California in 1970, I've been confronted with a yearly challenge: winter! Winter in Sacramento can be described, at best, as minimal: minimal cold (mid-30s would be a cold winter), no snow (a few snowflakes once in the fifteen years I lived there), no sleet (but fog was pea-soup thick). Still, there is hope beyond winter and these words address the potential loveliness there is in winter. Or not.

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