Lake Rabun at the Bridge
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34°45'25"N  83°29'53"WJanuary Update
This is my April update of the Lake Rabun/Tallulah River bridge replacement project.February Update
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Find us on the Wayki map.Why a new bridge?  A brief history.
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Nothing is happening at the bridge.

In March the supports on the south side of the river were poured.
The PortaDam came down...
...and we said goodbye to the pumps.
The cross beam was poured and polished.
Georgia DOT took a core sample of a column.  We heard that tests came back positive.
But now we wait.

The delay is about DOT redesigning the foundations of the end bents.  Apparently soil depth to rock is greater than originally thought.  The bents would have needed to be expanded beyond the existing right of ways. So new designs are being drawn up.  The Crowder crew have moved on to work elsewhere.  The three support structures stand as silent testimony to delay.

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