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NSC provides valuable services to businesses and individuals alike. We are certified by CompTIA for Networks and Security, and certified by the Institute of Risk Management in identity theft and risk management. We can help the small business with computer and network support issues, and we can provide advice and guidance on protecting customer and employee personal information from identity theft. See our PC/Network Support page for more information.

As an affiliate with SimpliSafe Home Security Systems, NSC can help protect your physical property.Click HERE for more information on this valuable service.

And as an independent associate of LegalShield, NSC can link up small businesses with top-rated law firms and business consultants to help the business grow and be protected legally. Coverage is available for the home based business, the self employed business owner, or the small business of up to 99 employees. Click HERE for more information on small business plans.

NSC can also show the individual how he or she can get assistance with life's events that we all face from time to time, including legal and identity theft. Examples would include will preparation, contract review, court defense, and IRS audit assistance, through a LegalShield membership. Click HERE for more information on family legal plans.
Perhaps, though, you are concerned about the #1 crime in America: identity theft. A LegalShield Identity Theft plan can cover you, your spouse, and your children. Click HERE for more information on this coverage.

Consulting Services for Businesses
Small Business Legal Services and Consulting

"Am I at risk of being sued? How can I know?"
"How can I collect on debts without paying huge collection fees??"
"How can I attract new customers?"
"How do I effectively manage a growing number of employees?"
"What employee benefits can I afford to offer?"
"Some of my employees have had their IDs stolen. Does this mean I have a data breach?"
A small business owner finds he or she has to become an expert in all aspects of business -- legal, advertising, marketing, human resources, customer management, information technology, taxes -- as well as the original business expertise.

Small Businesses rarely can afford to retain attorneys or business consultants, yet there is a desperate need for these services to the small business owner. The small business is also challenged with being able to offer a useful benefit to offer its employees, something that can attract and retain quality people.

Network Systems Consulting, Inc., can provide answers and assistance to these very serious questions or issues.

As an independent associate with LegalShield, we can provide affordable access to one of the top law firms in the state, and we can bring affordable national business consultants to your aid.
In addition, as a business owner, you may be seeking a quality benefit to offer your employees at no cost to you the employer. Ask us about our employee benefit product. Watch a nice video on this subject at THIS LINK.

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