Hanging Telephone Index

These hanging indexes were placed
behind the mouthpieces of  wooden
wall and candlestick telephones.

These 3 examples ( 2 cardboard
and one celluloid) allowed the
 user to write down needed
 telephone numbers and names
 in an alphabetical file.


 Telephone Number
mfg. by Mayer Mfg.
 Corporation of Chicago.

 This hanging telephone number
index, made of metal with heavy
 paper pages, clips on to the
 side of a candlestick telephone.

This particular piece was also
 anadvertising piece for
Butter-Nut Bread



The Telephone Clip mfg. by the H.R.
 Smith Co. Washington PA.
Device used to hold business cards
 or small pieces of  notepaper on
 the lower section, and hold a pencil
  in the clip on the shaft.

Positive Telephone Reminder

 This advertising piece, held
 in place by the mouthpiece,
was used to hold notes and 
a wooden pencil.
The particular piece advertises
 James Cleaning & Pressing Co.
 This WE 20B candlestick is
also equipped with a
Burns Glass Mouthpiece.


This WE22 candlestick is equipped
with two attachments. On the top
 of  the faceplate is a
 Telephone Number Card Holder
 with a Bell System number card.

 A Mouthpiece Cover made of
 celluloid and advertising F.J. Miller
 Furniture Maker and Undertaker
is clipped on to the front of the

 The telephone number is 77W.


Bashlin Telephone Disinfector

mfg. by Tatem Mfg. Co.
 Buffalo, NY

 This telephone mouthpiece
 cover/disinfector attaches to the
 front of the mouthpiece with
 a small screw at the bottom.

The paper inserts were chemically
 treated with germicidal properties,
 and could be replaced when needed.



This Pencil Holder advertised the
 “Saniphone Service” which came
 and cleaned and sterilized
telephone instruments to protect
 users from disease.

#1 Telephone Locking Device
 mfg. Chas. C. Bielitz 50 Church St.
New York City.

 This devise is used to “lock up”
 an upright desk stand from use
by locking down the hookswitch
with a small padlock device.


This unique Number Card Holder is
 attached to the perch bolt of an
 upright desk telephone.

 It has the same number ring clip,
 paper insert, and clear protective
 cover as would be used on any
 of the Western Electric dials.

 This candlestick is also shown with
 a white porcelain mouthpiece.