My main display area currently holds 54 wall telephones,
 83 upright desk (candlestick) telephones and cradle desk
telephones, an oak 1899 telephone booth, along with
miscellaneous other antique furniture and accessory pieces.

h My current display of telephone artifacts resides
 on two walls of our ‘Living Room’.
Yes that’s
 what I said, our living room.

 Most spouses would not indulge their significant

 other and allow such shenanigans to take place,
 but my wife has been very tolerant,
and eventually
 supportive,of my passion (or be it obsession)
 for collecting.





After the north wall  was filled, the phones just spilled around
 the corner to the west wall. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Go to the candlestick  telephone button on the home page to
 see close-ups of more of my significant candlestick pieces.