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08/25/04    John & Mona's New Home
07/05/04    Picnic At Norton Newman's Lake
02/27/04    John will be Professor
02/24/04    Address Verification
07/04/03    45th Reunion Pictures
01/26/03    Notice of John & Mona's Wedding
01/25/03    Updated Heinlein Pages - See Introduction, Readers Group and the Welcome page
01/07/03    Nativity Garden Pictures
12/03/02    New pictures of Church
07/21/2002 Jennelou Theodora's Home & Garden updated
06/29/2001 News about Constantine and John
08/16/2001 Updates on Computer time page
04/13/2001 Jennelou Theodora's Home & Garden updated
04/13/2001 More Cosmetic Changes made to Alumni Page
03/10/2001 Cosmetic Changes made to Alumni Page
06/11/2000 Pet Photos Added to family photos
05/26/2000 New Link on Kosovo Page
05/21/2000 Cosmetic Changes To Main Menu
05/20/2000 Internet Traffic Report Added
05/18/2000 Y2K Removed from Main Menu Main Menu Layout changed
04/23/2000 Graduation Invitation - Class of 1958 added
04/20/2000 Heinlein Bulletin Board Added
04/12/2000 Some Photos of the Family Added Update on Church Page
04/12/2000 Pictures added to Possum Art
03/25/2000 New Web Page for Our Church
03/14/2000 New Work E-Mail Address For David Sr.
03/12/2000 Added Link to Jennelou's Possum Trot Art Page Added Guest Book
03/08/2000 Updated Alumni Page. After this new updates to that page will not be mentioned here, but notice of last date will appear below link to page.
02/22/2000 Updated Kosovo Page Added Roots of Kosovo Fascism article.
01/04/2000 David Constantine back at UGA
11/05/1999 Web-Bot changes to 'Last Updated' fields. Updated Kosovo Page Added Bogdanovic History link
11/03/1999 Updated Kosovo Page Moved Links and added Open Letter to General Short
11/02/1999 Updates to Alumni Directory  which was added on 10/04/1999
9/26/1999 Updated Kosovo Page
9/12/1999 Missing Pages Returned David Constantine moved
9/06/1999 Missing Pages
8/28/1999 Concerning the Y2k problem
8/16/1999 John has moved to Baton Rouge, LA
7/23/1999 Update on David Constantine and John
6/24/1999 Updated Anti-War Statement
6/03/1999 Added Standard Time Function
6/02/1999 Two Brothers Letter Link On Kosovo Page
5/31/1999 Added Link to  Antiwar Site
5/24/1999Added Comments to CATO Institute
5/21/1999Added link to letter on Orthodox list
4/23/1999 Some Pictures of our Church at Pascha(Easter)
3/21/1999 Status change on John Matthew and David Constantine
1/07/1999 Changed Orthodox Page
12-01-1998 Added Thanksgiving Pictures. Linked from The Wright Family page
11-02-1998 Added Class of 1959 Pictures
9-24-1998 Added Color and table alignment. 
9-21-1998 Added Pictures and links to Church Page
9-18-1998 Moved link for this Whats' New to main page. Additional cosmetic changes.
9-10-1998 Added Counter to page. Cosmetic changes
9-08-1998 Replaced Descriptive Links with Thumbnail Links on main Reunion Page and North Georgia Pictures Page
9-05-1998 Added North Georgia College Pictures
9-02-1998 Found this neat Alumni Registry
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