Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

& the young at heart

               church school and
                   youth worship

                  bulletin boards


church school
and youth


Bulletin boards are great educational tools.  They teach.  They review. They announce.   They remind.  They show.  They lift up!  Sometimes a bulletin board accomplishes several of these reasons for preparing.  Sometimes only one.  Many times they are a culmination activity, showing what activity is coming up, and after the activity, pictures or the work of those involved in the activity are included on the board.  Many times they can be used as a cumulative space for adding the steps in learning.

Bulletin Boards in classrooms can show the work of the class and /or used as cumulative space for the time-line growth of a story.

Bulletin boards in welcoming areas of the church can introduce newcomers to the people and the activities of the church.  Seen over the years the bulletin board can catalog what has been accomplished, what is most important, what is the mission of the church.   Bulletin boards are great tools.

Enjoy the ones I have created and use them as a springboard for ideas for your work.