Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

& the young at heart

                 church school and
                     youth worship


church school
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Easter is a special time for young people.  It is a time to hunt Easter eggs and get Easter gifts.   It can also be a time to continue learning about the meaning of Easter.   A Sunday lesson time of decorating eggs that tell part of the Easter story is a good way to incorporate the Easter Story as well as have a time of creativity and fun.   

Suggestions for story telling eggs:

the tomb
a butterfly
a lamb
a disciple
a cross inside with crown on top
an angel inside the egg
a rainbow colored egg

Introducing the egg being made should include the reason it is being made, the scripture
  where it is mentioned, and why it is a symbol for Easter. 

An Easter Egg tree in the room is a nice addition for their learning.  Eggs made in the past
  may be hung for inspiration.  See the pictures of a tree and youth working on eggs.