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Each year when Lent approaches we prepare for Pretzel Sunday.  We learn a song and some scriptures to present to the congregation on the fifth Sunday of Lent.  


The history of Pretzel Sunday encourages our learning our scriptures and prayers.  About 1600 years ago in Southern Europe, a monk was playing around with some leftover scraps of bread dough and came up with something that looked like a childís arms folded in prayer. The three holes in the pretzel were said to represent the Trinity: one God in three persons.   Somehow these little bread dough things became rewards for children who learned their prayers well.  Thatís what the word pretzel means in Latin.  Little rewards.  In Italy it means little arms!


The children and youth look forward to saying their scriptures and singing before the congregation.  After that they make their pretzels and while they are baking they listen to the story once again and make a pretzel art or craft.  Then they get to eat their pretzel.


*Pretzels by the Dozen by Angela Elwell Hunt, Illstrated by Bill Dodge.
    A Zonderkidz book.