Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

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During the years 1981 Ė 1984 I worked with a team** writing materials for Vacation Church Schools in a military chapel.  The first curriculum was a two week curriculum for use in self-contained classrooms, grades 3 through  junior high.  Later I wrote the lower grade curriculum.   That first curriculum was used in several states and overseas.


Times change!  And situations change!  i.e.  Motherís working outside the home;  lack of personís to teach; more activities for youth outside the home.   As these changes happened the time allotted for VBS shortened.  I went from having VBS in all day programs for one week, then half day programs in the morning for one week and now one week evening programs.


Because it is timeless and only teaches the Biblical story and how it applies to us, I chose to rewrite it, each time refining the process.  The lower grades have always used the self-contained classroom approach.  In the upper grades I now use the learning center approach.


Story telling, videos and CDs, computer programs, creative activities including painting, and walking a labyrinth are activities which take place each day.  The story is divided into 5 parts and each day dwells on that one part with a review of the previous story.  The opening includes the story using a Godly Play activity.


The curricula I have written include: 

      Godís Plan for Godís People Ė Worship

      The Story of God Through the Story of Creation and Noah

      The Story of God Through the Story of Abraham and His Family

      The Story of God Through the Story of Joseph and the

         Twelve Tribes

      The Story of God through the Story of  Moses and the

         People of Israel

      The Story of God through the Story of David

      The Story of God through the Story of Jonah

      The story of God through the Story of Daniel,
         Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.



** I will always value the camaraderie, friendship and memories of the writing team which included:  Mrs. Jorja Davis, a librarian and teacher, Chaplain Katherine Shindel, a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, and myself, an educator and music educator at the time.  (Later I went to seminary to get credentials for writing curriculum, but was called by God, as is Godís way.)  In the short span of time we were together at Bolling Air Force Base we accomplished much.  We were very aware of the gifts each brought to the creative process and what fun we had together when we shared the work load during the VBS event.  This was the beginning of my writing and rewriting of the various curricula listed above.


I am also most grateful to my husband who suggested I go to seminary to get credentials for writing.    Most grateful am I though for the quietness that happens in our household when I am writing curriculum and for all his help during the VBS event.  i.e. putting up the labyrinth, carrying boxes, setting up, fixing, and cleaning easels  I thank him for being my partner in telling the Biblical stories and in life.