February 1998


A word of caution is in order. You may receive a letter advertising a brand new book featuring persons with your last name. I ordered this several years ago and it is a real rip-off. They come from several states; the ones I have seen are Utah and Ohio. What you get is a general history of immigration to the US along with a name and address listing of all the persons with your last name who live in this country. You can get the same by doing a person search on the Internet and get it for free. $50 is a hefty price for a short phone book.

Those of you who subscribe to the Scott Genealogical Quarterly may want to know that the 1996 and 1997 quarterly reports are in work and will be distributed soon. This word comes from Craig Scott at (email):

Ed and Linda Hallman have designed and published a Scott Website. "The purpose of the web page(s) is to keep the family current on our happenings, tell a little family history, see some pictures of things the family is interested in seeing and in general was designed as a way to celebrate our rich heritage." It is beautiful and will contain the Scott/Clark(e) Newsletters. Address follows: You can communicate with me simply by clicking on my address, which is included. I asked if this was like having your phone number on a restroom wall and the answer was "yes". Oh, well.

In response to inquiries I have received: To use the world wide web you need an IBM compatible computer with Windows 3.11 or better, an internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, 16 meg of RAM, a sound card, a telephone modem and be a subscriber to an internet access provider. Ed Hallman, at the Website address, is really up to speed on this electronic stuff and has solved many problems, of my own making, for me.

Bill Scott's Christmas note included that he had moved his woodworking equipment into a bedroom? He hadn't started using it at the time for fear of making a mess in the house. (Good thinking, Bill!!, router dust in the orange juice is not considered nutritional fiber)

I received a very nice letter and email from William E. Clark, Capt., USN (RET). Although he is not related to us, his sister is a Clark(e) by marriage. His mother was a Cardwell, related to Roy Cardwell, our retired nuclear power relative and also a Clark(e) descendant. The Captain (USNA graduate) reports that his sister, Addie Ruth Clarke, has digressed to the point where she does not recognize our correspondence and, therefore, I will not send the newsletter to her anymore. Although she has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's they can only say she has a form of senile dementia. I pass this information so that those familiar with her may be apprised of her condition and that you may offer condolences if appropriate or prayers as you deem necessary. I'm sorry this should happen to anyone. The Captain can be reached at 500 Dixie Lee Lane, Lenoir City TN, 37772.

Denise Waterworth, daughter of Carolyn Scott Wilkerson, a new correspondent as of the last newsletter fired email saying she would be glad to help with the Scott/Clark(e) website. Seems she is in the genealogy business also, any help is surely welcome, especially since I can provide nothing but fast typing. Email:

Eleanor Herring sent a New Year email:

"Santa did not give us this computer, but Ed and Linda called yesterday and got us fired up about the Web page. By the way, isn't the music great! (It plays the theme from "Deliverance"-Ed.)


Vila Narozonick reports the birth of Emily Ann Henry on 28 July 1997 at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This fortunate young lady shares the same birthday as your scribe. She is the daughter of Cristin Jay and Lisa Ann Nielson HENRY and is the great granddaughter of Vila. According to my notes she is also a generation (12) Scott, (11) Harvey, (12) Thornton, (12) Russell, (12) Long, (13) De St Julien, (13) Bullock, (15) Paynter, (14) White and (14) Hume, just to drop a few family lines. Aren't computers wonderful?


Vila and George Narozonick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August since the weather was unpredictable in October. A pre weekend bar-b-que was held at their daughter Linda's home and attended by Linda's husband David, daughter Barbara w/ husband Dan along with other family and out-of-town guests. Then they got serious on Saturday with a gala event at the Olympia Yacht Club complete with buffet and dancing. Sunday was spent on the boat and on Monday they bought a lumberyard. Congratulations on 50 years, rocks don't live that long. (Christmas card input)

Anna and Richard Cox's grandson, Dan Murray married Alison Renee Leamon on 25 October 1997. I'm sure everyone had a great time. Only cloud, the newspaper ran the announcement and spelled the name Cod instead of Cox. Future generations, as they do research into the families will have a ball trying to figure that one out. Can you imagine being a 6th generation Cod? Smell jokes are out at the next reunion!

Joy Voss sent an email:

"Thank you for the last Scott newsletter. I have enjoyed reading them over the years since I married Ray. But I don't think you need to send them anymore--I don't know any of the people except Russell and Margaret." Ray Voss was formerly married to Jewell Scott. (I inadvertently omitted Joy's name from Ray's obituary and sent her an apology-Ed.)

Carole and Jim Choomack sent an email:

"Jim is now the Executive Presbyter for Cherokee Presbytery. For all you non-Presbyterians, a presbytery is a geographical area-Cherokee is NW Georgia, including Cobb County but not Atlanta-and a presbyter is the head of staff for the presbytery office which provides resources, leadership and support for the 40 or so churches in the region. We really like NW Georgia and are enjoying fall leaves again. We do miss our many friends in the panhandle. (of Florida-Ed.) I had not heard that Ray Voss died. I was very sorry to hear that. We are hoping to make a trip to Oakdale and Wartburg Soon."


Della M. Bryan wrote a letter to Russell and Margaret Scott:

"Dear Sir, I am Bessye Farrell's sister. I recently received the letter notifying her of the reunion. I am sorry to say she passed away Oct. 1996, a victim of cancer. Coy Farrell died March 1995. He had a severe case of diabetes. Bessye lived in the apartment next door to my apartment in this retirement village. Mail addressed to her is delivered to me. She appreciated the Association and the letters she received from Coy's relatives. It was a great help for her genealogy research. Sincerely, Della M. Bryan."



Lesley Treis' husband, Chris McKinnon, has been diagnosed with leukemia. The good news is that they have a donor and he is scheduled to go into treatment within the next couple of months at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, one of the best in the world. I will put the address in the next letter.


I need your input for improvement of the annual reunion. We always have a great time but things can always be improved upon. We have the ability and resources to provide: tours of the cemeteries and old houses including the Hall house, organized games for the young children and those young at heart, generation of ancestor charts for all in attendance and presentations on the life and times of the ancestors. What would you like to see? Remember, it's your reunion and the reunion officers will try to provide anything you want or need. Those who travel from a great distance deserve all we can put together. Did you like something we did in the past but no longer do? How about the church service? Did you like the visit to John Long Scott's home prior to the service? Would a video of the area be of interest? Let me know now what you would like to see and do. We need a little time to set things up so get it in the mail now for the June 27 and 28 Reunion, plan now!

I am particularly interested in the military service of our ancestors. Who served in which service? Battles? Interesting duty? We know how to pull the records if we know when and what service. Write to me!

I am ready to start sending the Newsletter out by Email. Those whose addresses I have need to tell me the format your computer can read: i.e. Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, etc. The more I can Email, the more we can save on postage and paper.


The following is a letter written by Zachary Taylor Scott to his son Clarence in April 1924 and was on the back of four pages titled "Facts and Figures About the Great State of Missouri":

"Clarence-Read this description about the state of Mo- I wish you would save at least 2/3 of you wages and next Fall sell out here and go to that State. There is not any doubt but what we (or you) could make an independent living there. There is not much chance here for a farmer and I want to say that farming on good land is the safest and best most honest way to make a living that there is. A man who farms for a living is apt to be a better man than a man who trades for a living or works for wages, because he lives near to nature and is more apt to put his dependance in his Creator. He does the sowing and looks to God for results..I wish when you draw a months wages you would send me as much as you can for we have nothing to buy garden seeds or seed potatoes. Nor to hire a days plowing. John (little John) and I have hauled out manure on the garden. I think I will try to plant some potatoes, make a garden and if I can get some money I want to sow some soy beans. I recon when John moves Ma and I will try to stay and hold the old place. Keep it from being entirely destroyed. I am some better of my lameness, but can't walk much. May get some better when weather is warm. Good prospect for apples unless late frost happens. We have lots of manure to haul out. Guess I will try to haul it myself as there is no one else will. I have got 2 hogs let all the others go for a song. Can't hardly feed the two. May have to give them away. Expecting to have to go to Harriman soon to see about some land matters for Chandler. May take 2 or three days. Write soon. Ma may go to Lancing to attend a meeting."

All spelling and punctuation is per the original letter. Thanks to Margaret Scott for transcribing it for me. It appears that the tourist/business bureau of Missouri was alive and well even at that early date, painting a rosy picture and trying to get farmers to move in. We don't know where Clarence was working at the time. The Chandler he refers to was a law partner of Joseph Winfield Scott. They were associated with the East Tennessee Land Company. Zachary did surveying for this company and it's obvious he did not get paid a lot or they didn't have much work for him. As we zip along these days in our fast cars and communicate instantly with computers we forget how hard these folks had it. I can identify with "send tuition money" but "send money for seed" is hard to comprehend.


James Shannon, Gene Olsowka, Rusty McDonald, Mary Margaret Waller, Sandra Jean Long.

Your Faithful Scribe,

Bob Treis
2120 Karlburg Drive
Pensacola, FL 32506
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