March 2001


The 2000 reunion was again held at Frozen Head State Park. It gets smoother each year as the younger generation (that's us) figures out what the older generation knew all along about holding reunions. Attendees were: Anna & Richard Cox; Justin Richardson; Bev, Bob, Clay and Garrett Treis; Judy, Andy, Betsy and Katy McCorkle; Eunice Scott; Gloria, Gary, Arthur and Abigail Scott; Russell J. Scott; Nancy, Paul and Ryan Seay; Ron Voss; Barbara and Roy Cardwell; Alice Melton; Barbara Gibson; Alan, Stephanie and Melanie Bradshaw; Carole Choomack; Deidra Burton; Margie and Dennis Johnson; Bill Scott; Ed Walley; Loyce and Charles Bradshaw.

ALAN BRADSHAW, once again, headed up the effort. This year everyone found Frozen Head State Park and the party with no trouble. The children attending enjoyed running through the woods (including a quick dip in the freezing creek by an unnamed young McCorkle lady). Everyone enjoyed live music and a tremendous meal. Sunday found the traditional meeting at the Church in Lansing with another wonderful meal served by the church ladies. Some folks took side trips to cemeteries, etc. but most everyone seemed content to visit in the park or at the church.

This reunion, while arranged by Alan, was really an all-hands effort. Folks brought ice, drinks and various snacks which were enjoyed by all. We look forward to the next which will be 30 June and 1 July of 2001. See Page 3 for reservation instructions. A flyer will be sent a month or so prior with further particulars but make reservations now!


BILL SCOTT dropped a check and a note to say all was well with them. This is the Bill.

SARA PETERS sent a gracious note with her name change to Sara WIGGINS and a new address for she and MIKE It is so nice to get these little updates, thanks Sara.

LINDA HALLMAN sends that all SCOTT direct line females are eligible to join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) under Thomas SCOTT. You can contact her at the website above or send a note to the Scribe who will forward it for you. "It is with pride that the DAR maintains and preserves the ideals that our patriots endorsed and for which they fought."

NANCY SEAY has been working with her mother's genealogy, sending me questions which, of course, I could not answer since every thing I know came from Margaret Scott to start with. I have seen the amount of material that Margaret held and know Nancy has her work cut out for her. She also told me she went back on chemo in September after a three month break. Our prayers and concerns are with her.

CLARENCE ALBERTSON, JR. dropped an email referring to not receiving a newsletter in a while. Yes sir, concur and it was one of the spurs that got the scribe off dead center. Clarence announces that they will be at the reunion this year. Come on down!!

BARBARA JILL ALBERTSON OLSOWA came through with an email complete with inquiries, some of which I was able to answer. I think she may have more information than I. You relatives need to convince her to travel. She relays a lingering blood disease but still enjoys life. Her interest in genealogy is spurred by her son, Mark who is 16 now.

Treis children: BART TREIS graduated from Woodbury U. (a unassuming little private univ. in CA) with a degree in Architecture and is now earning his own way (HOORAY!) Lt. ROB resigned from the active Navy and will pursue graduate school in the Fall. CLAY carries straight "A"s and is a basketball standout even after having the plates removed from his arm. GARRETT, also honor roll, continues with his karate, now a brown belt, and was student of the month for February.

More basketball news:First grader ABIGAIL SCOTT, daughter of Gary and Gloria Scott, played her first season of basketball this year. Her team, the Pee Wee Girls Jazz from Gladeville Elementary School, was undefeated in the regular season, and also finished first in the post-season tournament

SCOTT PIERCE and CAROLYN AUTRY were married 7 September, 2000 in Birmingham, AL. Scott is the son of CAROLE CHOOMACK daughter of the late Bernice Bradshaw and Charles Bradshaw.

And not to be outdone, CRYSTAL, daughter of Joel and Pricy TREIS, was married to VIEH LIEN on 9 December 2000.

RYNDA CLARKE, wife of HUGH A. (BO) CLARKE, emailed me immediately before the last reunion to tell me Bo had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Rounds of chemo and subsequent evaluation found him to be in remission as of her last correspondence. We certainly wish him well.


EVELYN SMITH GOLD passed away suddenly on 16 July at her home in Forsyth, GA. Aunt Evelyn was born 6 December 1924 at Dames Ferry, GA, the daughter of Julian Rudisill and Eunice Scott Smith. She was married to Warren Gold and lived in Milbank, SD and Atlanta, Stockbridge and Forsyth, GA. Survivors include daughter Candace and Phil McLaughlin, sisters Mildred Treis and Merle Gulck and grandson and wife, Rod and Sandy McLaughlin of Macon. Her husband, Warren and son, Bill, predeceased her. Burial was in the Juliette United Methodist Cemetery. Relatives attending from a distance included Mildred and Merle, David Gulck and Susan Busk from SD, Lesley McKinnon, Portland, OR; Bill Scott, Hilliard, OH; Russell Scott, Harriman, TN; Alice Melton, Wartburg, TN; and Bev and Bob Treis, Pensacola.

ROY G. CARDWELL died on 7 September 2000 while being treated for a cough and congestion. Nothing more heard. Immediately prior to his death, Roy, nuclear power expert and standup comic, sent me the lowdown on some of our lost tribe members but not the lost tribe(as was typical of his humor). Roy, you may recall, was the owner of the Jason Clark Civil War drum, which he displayed at every reunion much to the enjoyment of the attendees. Our condolences go out to his widow, BARBARA. I will never attend on of our reunions that I do not think of Roy and his marvelous sense of humor.

Linda Hallman, one of our stalwart reunion attendees, informs me that her sister, PEGGY MOORE PROCTOR, passed away on 14 October 2000 in Forsyth, GA, after a short illness.

EDDIE WALLEY passed away on 12 March, 2001. I received an email from Russell Scott informing me of this sad detail. You recall that Eddie was the husband of Dorothy Scott Walley, daughter of John Long and Alta Clark Long, who herself passed last year. EDDIE attended the last reunion, looking much thinner, tanned and better than he had for a number of years. His funeral was 14 March at the Olive Branch United Methodist Church in Batavia, Ohio.


I have received a number of email inquiries about our family tree (our collection of bushes).

RICKEY SCOTT comes from the Missouri Scotts but was having a problem connecting. He is looking for information further than that available at our web site. Specifically Thomas Marion Scott and Mary Matilda Webb(b.c1835). His email is

The director of "Historic Rugby" found our website which included a link to them. Her question was "is Cyrus Clark, originally from Pennsylvania, part of this family group." She has names and addresses of direct descendants if this is the case. The new link is

BRIAN JONES is still trying to get past his ggfather William Hazen Jones II. Anyone with info should email him at

Last Year We Made the News

By Jean Pollard, Morgan County News

Scott family reunion told

John Long Scott

There is a reunion of the Scott and Clark families coming up this week-end and Alice Scott Melton asked me to "share" this information on her family history with a picture of her dad, John Long Scott, who was born near Sunbright on February 10, 1882.

John was the second son of Zachary Taylor Scott. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War with service in the Phillipines during the insurrection. He was discharged in 1904 with the rank of Sergeant.

He married Alta Clark of Burrville in 1910 and they lived on a farm at Huffman (above Sunbright). Five of their eight children were born while living on a farm at Huffman. They were Jewell Voss, Caroline Scott, Dorothy Walley, and John Clark Scott (all deceased) and William Taylor Scott who lives in Hilliard, Ohio.

Around 1920 they moved to Lancing so the children could attend high school. Three more children were born, Russell Julian Scott, who lives near Oakdale, Bernice Bradshaw (deceased), and Alice Melton of Wartburg.

Alice recalls that her father worked for the C.N.O. & T.P. Railroad, first at Stearns, Ky., and later at Oneida.

He boarded where he lived and came home on weekends, which was the most exciting time for her as a child.

She says that four passenger trains were going through Lancing at the time: numbers 3 and 4 (they were called fast trains) they did not stop in Lancing, and numbers 15 and 16 that did stop in Lancing. Alice said she went more places riding in a train in those days than in a car, for her name was on her father's pass so she could ride free.

She once rode the train to Oneida to get a permanent (wave). She was not sure if there were beauty shops at the time anywhere in Morgan County, in the 40's, but she could get to Oneida easier.

Her father served on the school board in the late 40's and early 50's and was instrumental in getting the new school building in Lancing. He was defeated the next term and soon after that suffered a stroke. He died in May of 1961.

This weekend (July 1 and 2) the Scott and Clark(e) families will gather for their 28th annual reunion. They will meet at the Visitor's Center at Frozen Head on Saturday.

Sign-in begins at 11 a.m. Dinner will be at 5 p.m. On Sunday, everyone will attend church at Lancing Presbyterian. Lunch will follow in the old manse. All relatives and friends are welcome to join in the activities.

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Both areas are equally accessible to our activities.

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This is the first attempt at a redesigned newsletter format. Any advice from "whizzes" is most appreciated. Further, I fear we have lost addresses so all hands will receive a mail copy. Advance notice will also go out over the web. If you do not get an email, I have lost your address and vice versa. Keep me current.

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