March 2002


Shirley Jones Sutton Lamson C5, granddaughter of William Hazen and Ella Clark Jones provided a great email from her home in Cape Cod. She provided a lot of family history along with some current data that I was able to put into my computer records. She reports a total of 18 grandchildren. The Clark photo in the last newsletter generated a great deal of interest with several requests for copies. I am sorry I could not identify all those in the photo.

It was the month for granddaughters.

Carla Whited Pruiett C6,also saw the Clark photo and fired off an email. She is the great granddaughter of William and Ella Clark Jones and attended an earlier reunion. Like many of us, the importance of family history never hit her till later. She believes her mother; Dorothy Jones Whited is named after Dorothy Scott Walley.

Brian Jones C6,was another seeking more information on the now famous Clark photo. I imagine Alice will have a hard time coming up with an item that attracts this much attention at the next reunion.

Reminder: Attendees at the reunion get to see all sorts of old pictures and items and the folks sitting close by can identify and clarify.

I had a short correspondence with Nell B. Holloway who emailed me from California. She filled me in on a few family details, her husband being descended from James Kearney Keeton and Julia Ann Scott Hall.

Cherie Gulck Lewis S8 emailed me from the great state of South Dakota. Cherie is the daughter of Merle Smith Gulck and a 9th generation Scott. You may recall she and her husband, Steve were modest lottery winners a short time ago. As she wrote, Steve and friends were off to shoot the elusive pheasant.

Anna Cox S8 sends that her grandson, Justin, received the Boy Scout Eagle award. You may remember the handsome young man that attended the 2000 reunion with Anna and Richard. She also reports that granddaughter Sara S10 will receive Girl Scouting’s Gold Award, in part for a project for the Cleveland Public Library, during which she collected more than 600 books. Great granddaughter Rachael Isom S11 was named the winner of the Principal’s Award. In reading the speech he made, it sounds like the young lady does everything, sports and academics, better than anyone else…maybe that’s why she won. The speech, in its entirety, will be on the next CD of Scott history.

Roberta Troy C6 sent me a Christmas card requesting information about the next reunion that is included in this newsletter. She is living with her parents, Anna and Warren Troy and assisting her mother. Hers was a most friendly and newsy letter; we hope she can make the next reunion.

Carese Clarke Bott C6 daughter of Hugh, granddaughter of Jason Clarke and gggranddaughter of Jason Clark sends that son David (5th grader) is pulling straight A’s while playing soccer, basketball and baseball and daughter Katie (also an A student) danced as an angel in a professional production of The Nutcracker. Carese teaches in a Christian school ( believed in the Dallas area-ed).

Linda and Ed Hallman report their son Larry, is in Kuwait on business, and, if I remember correctly, has been for some time.

I will quote her own words, “You can teach an old dog new tricks.” And with that Alice Melton S7 arrived on the Internet scene with her very own address, which I can provide directly should any member request it. She reports brother Russell came over for lunch and that brother Bill (of broken hip fame) is doing well.'

Ron Voss S8 sent me a copy of a letter he wrote for Nancy Seay. In it he included many personal memories from the 1950’s as they related to the Scott family. He has given me permission to publish but due to length I will scan it for inclusion in the next Scott history CD.

For the info of those who may not have seen it, I have been scanning all the family documents I own or of which I have copies and placing them on CD. Serves several purposes, gives anyone who desires a digital copy of family data and gives me a replacement in case of fire, hurricane, AOG, etc.

Joel Treis S8 was recently promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Mom Mildred Treis went to the West Coast for the festivities. Joel returned the trip surprising her on her 80th by arriving in South Dakota with no previous head’s up. Randy set up a conference call for the siblings (Les, Randy and scribe) to send best wishes.

Son, Robert, II S9 now enrolled at the U of Ill. Getting advanced degree in computers. He still drills with the Naval Reserve.

Debra Garrett-Carson, descendent of Samuel Hall found our web site. Her father, Robert Hines Garrett passed away on 15 January 2002 and was buried in the Elizabeth Cemetery. We know she is part of the tribe but I can’t make the connection. She may attend this year and may be able to complete the connection with our banners. She reports her g-grandfather, Daniel Garrett, and his father contributed land to the Elizabeth Cemetery. We look forward to meeting her.


None reported.


From the Barre, VT Independent Liberal: Randy Treis S8 succumbed to corporate pressure and sold his drug store to a large chain. The sale did not play well in that part of Vermont, famous in the past for banning Wal-Mart and other corporate giants. It was followed with great interest in the local media, editorial comment was not complimentary and threat of physical harm was limited to mobs in the streets carrying pitchforks and torches, chanting, “give him a dose of his own medicine.” The fires were quickly extinguished by the county fire department, city firefighters having called in sick. Randy’s wife, Kyle, giggled to reporters, “It was a bitter pill to swallow but laughter is the best medicine,” as she exited the bank carrying several large briefcases. (On a more serious note: Kyle is being treated for a serious infection, which precluded their winter trip to Pensacola but is reportedly recovering nicely at this time.)


Nancy Lou Scott Seay S8 passed away on 24 October 2001 after a long battle with cancer. Friends were received at the Chattanooga Funeral Home and burial was in Hamilton Memorial Gardens. Surviving are her husband Thomas, sons Paul and Ryan, brother Gary and her Father, Russell Scott. Her mother, Margaret, preceded her in death. I saw a Nancy who was active and talented, participating in all the family reunions and was carrying on her mother’s work in our family genealogy. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to all her family. Tom’s Christmas letter reported 700+ names and 600+ names at the Worship Celebration.


Richard Cox received a pacemaker in December. I knew he was a laid-back guy but did not know he had a heart rate in the 30’s. I thought slower was better and if you think about it, it may be but only up to a point. Anna sez he’s doing great, we’re all glad to hear it.

While attending Nancy Seay's funeral services in October, her uncle, Bill Scott S7 had the misfortune of falling in the hotel and breaking his hip. He went to the hospital in Chattanooga and had surgery wherein they weighted him down with a plate and screws. November Reports are he was up and around shortly and doing well. I imagine he will meet many new friends as he goes through the airport metal detectors.


All hands are reminded that this year is designated a MAJOR REUNION, that is one to which relatives from a distance should attend. A Major reunion is held every other year to better insure that distant attendees get to see the most people. Attendees at a Regular Reunion may see fewer folks from far away but are certainly not discouraged from attending. Alice tells me they have closed Frozen Head State Park due to lack of funds. DO NOT WORRY! There will be a reunion in the Wartburg area…if they do not reopen FHSP, we (spell that Alan Bradshaw) will find a way or make one.

REUNION DATES: 22/23 JUNE 2002 - We will ask for your intentions and numbers in the next Newsletter (make it easier on Alan).

Overnight Accommodations:





Holiday Inn Express




Hampton Inn

Oak Ridge



Days Inn

Oak Ridge



Comfort Inn

Oak Ridge



Best Western





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