March 2003


A note was received from Chris and Arnold Rice C5, saying they were on the way to the reunion.(and they were)

Jennifer Bennett was a last minute input prior to the reunion.

Kathleen George Howe C5, great granddaughter of Samuel Newton Clark, responded to action by Susan Bruner Davis C-5. She has some old photos of Samuel, Winnie (2nd wife), Amasa Clark and wife Roxalana plus children. She sent me copies which I have committed to CD for future distribution. I also have the hard copies should someone want them. (Newsy request required). Kathleen reports her husband, Dale was hospitalized last summer with pneumonia.

James Rule Watson, III reported in in late June. Linda Hallman put him in touch with us since he is a Scott descendant whose grandmother was a Freels. I do not know what generation but will find more as we go along.

Steve and Juanita Evins Christmas greeting brought news of the Masuda family. Son Michael, USAFA 2001 finished flight training and is headed for the newest transport, the C-17. (ed. He has probably made a few really long flights by this time, setting things up in the lastest active area). Daughter Tracy is in the 2nd year at the University of Tennessee and is taking advantage of the chance to study in Japan. Marquita teaches at Tullahoma High School and Colonel Dale, recently of the ranks of the retired, has started flight instructing at the local airport. Conversation at the reunion has even me, the scribe, thinking about that.

Mary Lou Richardson, daughter of Anna and Richard Cox, received the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America in February. Congratulations on this great honor from the BSA.

Scott Ryan, S9, found our website while browsing. His father was from Deer Lodge and settled in Oregon after a stint in the Navy. Scott’s aunt is Mae Scott and he was named after her husband. He is a long-time law officer who will not be allowed to poke around the Tennessee hills should he decide to come to a reunion.

Eleanor Herring reports she and her husband, Lloyd, went on a tour and cruise hitting all the NE US and then departing Newark (good place to leave) on a large boat for a trip through the Canadian maritimes. Daughter Susan is still working in KY and doing just fine.

Russell Scott reports a temperature of +3 degrees on 24 January.


None reported.


Brother and Navy Chief Joel and Priscilla Treis enroute to Japan for a 3-year tour on the Kitty Hawk. I see film of the Hawk on station in the Persian Gulf. I think he may be in Japan for only part of the time. Scribe went to SD in company with rest of siblings to see them off. Unfortunately it was the middle of February and the temp when I left to return to Florida was –21 degrees. I did not see temps above freezing until I passed Memphis. Now I remember why I stayed in Florida.

The Hallman family reports that Linda is now employed in the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Upson County, Georgia and that son, Captain Danny went to Kuwait in November to be in charge of “the war room”, which probably means he is a little busy as of this writing.


I received notice that Betty Carpenter Clark in Bean Station had passed away. Although I have been sending the newsletter there for years, I had no personal information on her. I am sorry for being so impersonal but, should anyone out there be able to fill me in, I would appreciate it.

In December I got the sad news that Bill Scott had passed away in Hilliard, OH. William Taylor Scott, age 84, died on 7 Dec 2002. Bill always made every reunion, usually driving his camper down from Ohio and regaling us with details of trip. Retired from the state of Ohio and an Army veteran, Bill served during WWII. His wife, Anna Marie Vespie Scott, preceeded him in death. Surviving are his children, Raymond (Matsuko) Johnson, Dennis (Margie) Johnson, Judy (Andy) McCorkle, Bill (Pat) Scott, Dave (Linda) Scott; grandchildren Deidra, Jake, Melanie, Allison, Adam, Emily, Betsy, Katie, Troy, Tim, Trent, and Ray and 5 great-grandchildren. Brother Russell and Sister Alice Melton also survive. The family desires any memorials to be made to Kobacker House, 3595 Olentangy Rd, Columbus, OH 43214.

Ed and Delta Long notified me of the death of their son, Edward D. Long, Sr., on 3 December, 2002. They enclosed the obituary which I will quote in part. Born 17 Feb 1939, Ed was a graduate of OK State and married Ginger Kay Swilling on 24 Mar 1963. He was a Captain in the Marine Corps and flew the 1000th mission over Vietnam. He was Asst. City Manager for McAlester, OK and City Manager for Durant, OK before starting a career with State Farm Insurance which lasted 29 years. A deacon and Sunday School teacher at Hilldale Baptist Church, he was 63 years old. In addition to his parents, survivors include sons Edward, Jr. and wife Laura and Bruce and wife Dawn. Also surviving are grandchildren Ashley, Sheridan, Maverick, Garrison, Bryson, Madison and Andersen Long. His brother Robert Gene preceeded him in death. Memorials may be made to the Hilldale Baptist Children’s Church which he founded.


Debra Garrett-Carson upon finding her ancestors fought on the side of the Union.

Hugh A. Clarke was reported with a heart attack in August. Email notification went at that time. Bo and Rynda Clarke were kind enough to notify us of his difficulty and we can only assume that all went well.


Attendees who signed in were:

Jennifer & Richard Bennett & children Alan & Stephanie Bradshaw Loyce & Charles Bradshaw
Barbara Cardwell Debra Garrett-Carson Carole Choomack
Anna & Richard Cox Juanita Clark Evins Stephen L. Evins
Ruth Taylor Garrett Barbara & Dan Gibson Linda & Ed Hallman
Laura Hardwick Becky & Jimmy Isom, with children Rachael & Morgan Kendall Jones
Marquita Evins Masuda Alice Melton Judy McCorkle
Cliff Owens Arnold & Chris Rice Marie Schulegard
Abigail Scott Arthur Scott Burniece Scott
Gary Scott Gloria Scott Russell Scott
Marge Tedder Bob & Bev Treis, with children Clayton & Garrett Thomas Williams

Those folks not signing the roster are forever lost to history.

Alice Melton always manages to get us in the paper every year, this year no exception. Skirt length and hair styles of 1974 are mostly forgotten. And didn’t we wear such tasteful glasses. We met at Frozen Head State Park which was opened after much ado by the state for lack of money (welcome to the club). Once more Alan Bradshaw outdid himself in setting it up. He even let the vagabonds park a nasty old trailer in his yard for the duration. You can see by the above names that many attended who had not attended before. This was designated a MAJOR reunion year which means if you can only come to one reunion that was the year to be there. 2003 will be a MINOR reunion which means all the regulars are expected but everyone is welcome. Then 2004 will be another MAJOR reunion where all the rarities will make every effort. Remember, we are not trying to shut anyone off, just to insure that the folks from long distances get the best chance to see everyone.

One of those attending was Tom Williams, C5, who came in all the way from Huntington Beach, CA. Tom is the grandson of Henry Clark. He said they spent some time in Burrville and found even more relatives.

Jennifer Bennett, C5, along with her husband, Richard and three children, Nathanial, Jason and Jacob traveled cross country to make the reunion. Of note was that Richard had just returned from overseas duty in time to man the van and head cross country. Talk about fortitude, where do we find such men?

On Sunday we motored the short distance to Lancing and there attended Church once more. Of course the Scott/Clark(e) chorus had a go. The fine lunch following has become a standard and much appreciated event. It sure is convenient to hit the Montgomery cemetery enroute.(but only to visit, not stay too long if you know what I mean)

WARNING: The dates for the 2003 reunion are 21 and 22 June. Frozen Head has already been reserved so we are up and ready to go. Once again Alan comes through.

The above photo was published in the Morgan County News along with a article by Jean Pollard on June 20, 2002. The photo was provided by Alice Melton. The article is titled "At the 1974 Lancing Homecoming." The article names each person in the photograph along with other family information. Due size limitations of our website the entire article and the high resolution photograph could not be published. If you would like a copy of the high resolution computer scan of the photograph which includes the complete article, email Bob Tries at


The following letter was obtained from Gary Scott. Gary has more of these which he has transcribed and will be glad to email them to anyone who so requests. His email is:

April 28, 1864
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Camp 10th Regm’t Mich V.V.P

Dear Brother and Sister,

I now find myself seated after the day’s march is over to write a few lines to you to inform you that my health is good but my feet are some sore. We have been 3 days marching from Nashville to this place. A distance of 30 miles. The weather is very hot and we have to carry our knapsacks and tents which makes a pretty good load but we can’t march over 10 or 12 miles a day. I suppose the reason they moved us from Nashville to Chattanooga is because they want to use all the cars for transporting provisions and ammunition through as fast as they can.

Cyrus has just come over from the fort to see us. He looks quite healthy, the best I ever saw him since he came south. He didn’t know that grandfather was dead. Almost the first words was “How is father’s folks?” He feels very bad and says he don’t think he ever shall go back there again. The trees are all green and everything looks very nice down here now. The blossoms are falling off from the fruit trees.

I am seated on a nice hill. A few rods below me is a beautiful spring. On my left stretching far away in the distance are beautiful hills that are so green that the scene is very grand indeed. Directly in front of me is the city of Murfreesboro with its crowded population of almost entire colored people. Cyrus is waiting for me to go with him to the fort. So I will close. Give my love to Louisa and Mina and all the rest of the friends. Tell them all to write when they can get time.

Except my love and best wishes
From your brother
J. S. Clark

Address: J. S. Clark, Co. G, 10 Reg’t Mich, V.V.P., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Address: Cyrus W. Carpenter, Fort Rosecrans, Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Attention Flo Clarke and others: Tom Williams has some 1820 census information which may concern Amasa Clark. Should anyone wish to inquire Tom's address is

I have a photo of Ida Clark should anyone want a copy plus the address of a lady who may have more Clark photos. Marla Milsap at She asks about Indiana and has questions only a Clark(e) could answer.…The scribe.

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