April 2000


THE REUNION: The 1999 Scott/Clark(e) reunion was just a little different last year. Since Margaret Russell was under the weather, the responsibility passed to the next generation (and we’uns are now it!). The burden fell mostly on Alan Bradshaw who set us up with Frozen Head State Park, just a little ways outside of Wartburg. We just followed the signs, which did not allow us to get lost. A short drive, which took us right by Brushy Mt. Prison (look kids, see what happens when you don’t listen to your parents), and we were in the park. Check-in at the Ranger station revealed no reservations for any Scotts (see the Motel problem below). We thought we were on Candid Camera. However, when threatened, they did reveal they had a reservation for a Bradshaw…and guess what..that was us. So, we think all hands in the area did make it and those who did were glad they did.

It was certainly a change of habit from former reunions. We had a nice meeting room, great barbecue was served (free this year) and most folks stayed till dark. The lodge had a great porch so the smokers did not have to stand in the rain. Vehicles were able to drive right up to the walkway allowing folks to unload the less steady and move straight into the lodge. It was nice and cool and shady up there in the woods. The children wore themselves out running up and down the hills. A few more days and one leg would have been shorter than the other. Entertainment followed the meal and meeting, all of which was arranged by Alan Bradshaw. He certainly went all-out for this and everyone was grateful.

Sunday morning found us all in the Lancing Presbyterian Church for the annual service. Music was provided by the Scott/Clark(e) clan choir without rehearsal accompanied by Alice Melton. Leslie McKinnon and daughter Ashley contributed a duet. We then had noon meal in the Lancing Community Center, which is the old church parsonage.


Angie & Randy Knight
Carole & Jim Choomack
Loyce & Charles Bradshaw
Gloria, Gary & Abigail Scott
Judy & Andy McCorkle
Betsy & Katie McCorkle
Kendall Jones
Mildred Treis
Lesley & Ashley McKinnon
Alan Bradshaw
Connie Higgins
Linda & Ed Hallman
Berniece Scott
Barbara & Dan Gibson
Bill Scott
Chris & Arnold Gene Rice
Mary Collins
Alice Melton
Flo & Cliff Clark
Dorothy & Ed Walley
Bev, Bob & Garrett Treis
Margie & Dennis Johnson

Ron Voss, stepson of Jewell Marjorie Scott Voss, checked in from sunny California to let us know he was on the net. He says he knows all those Scotts and Clark(e)s very well and may show up for the ’00 reunion. Reminder, the dates are the 1st and 2nd of July 2000. He provided a little information about his family, which will be included in the next giant wall chart.

Tom Williams, 5th g. Clark, son of Nona Clark dropped a nice email with a little family history and details of his Navy family (he, his father and his brother). He mentioned a problem getting the web site, his is if anyone can help him out. He was in TN last summer(1998) but missed us by a month. Margaret and Russell chauffeured him around the area.

Jill Albertson checked in with a new address.

Sarah Aldridge Davis sent me a letter from Alaska. She is the granddaughter of Jason Clark and says she feels like the last apple on the tree at 87 years young. She enjoyed the letters of her grandparents and mentioned one where he heard about the Lincoln assassination…She has seen it and wonders if it still exists and who has it. So do I, if anyone knows the whereabouts please let me know. We would like to have a transcript.

Merle Carpenter also dropped me a line and had a request, which I have been slow in filling. I will do so in the near future. Merle is the great granddaughter of Olive Clark George.

Margaret sent me new members: Donna and Todd Stewart of Oakdale, TN. Donna is 8th g. Scott by way of Zachary Taylor Scott, William, Wilburn and Paul. That puts her on the same tree branch and level as your scribe.

Susan Howell reported in after missing the reunion while on a business trip to the land of fruits and nuts (CA). She says there is a terrible drought in KY. That must mean you have to do the JD without water. Scott G-9

After stocking up on gulf shrimp for Ed and Linda Hallman and giving specific directions the hotel sank my efforts. I asked for my reservation and they swore they had none. Threatened with physical injury (like walking the plank into the swimming pool) they admitted they had a reservation for Robert Preis and were kind enough to give it to me when he did not show. Somehow I knew he wouldn’t. Hotel reservations are not rocket science but they can still torpedo you. No wonder he couldn’t find me, I couldn’t find myself.

Allen E. Long checked in still looking for information on his great grand father Samuel Long and Samuel’s brother John Long. I referred him to Margaret because I have nothing past John. The TN Longs/Scotts have been researched to death, I think someone out there has some information for this lad(he writes young but mentioned he has grandchildren). Email: Long G-7

Julie Flanagan fired an email and asked to be placed on our lists. She is Linda Hallman’s first cousin and a Scott descendant, gen. to be determined when I get the time to download all Linda’s tree info…and there is a bunch.

Craig Scott sez his email address died but made no mention of a memorial, etc. Looks like this lad may have his own ISP.

Marilyn Wilson reports surviving the "big one", Y2000 and says all swell in their world. Hall G-8

Joan Stovall Hooper checked in with a new address in Lyman, ME. She was one of the 911 address changes, which resulted in lots of returned mail. She says she doesn’t know all the people in the newsletter…well guess what..neither do I.

Carese Clarke Bott, daughter of Hugh Clarke and 1st cousin (once removed) of the famous nuke, Roy Cardwell, reports in from Dallas. She inquired about obtaining the family tree so here goes. The website has lots available for the asking and I can send a GEDCOM with everything on it for the asking. Family Tree Maker is a fairly popular program among us amateurs. Says her children are into every sport and will come to the reunion some day.

Paula Ryon Flagg joined us via email. Paula found us at the website and is a – generation Scott being descended from Columbus D. Scott G-8

Freda Babinski, not a relative, whose mother lives in Lancing, TN, asked that I check to see if the Lancing area was the site for Wesley Davidson’s poetry book, " The Inspirational Poet." Should anyone have information about that you may contact me via mail or Freda whose email is

Eleanor Herring reports that her daughter, Susan Howell, has been doing marathons. She says she will bring her brother Paul, who has never attended.

New relative Brian L. Jones contacted us via email from the website. His uncle is Kenneth Jones and we provided a little information plus added him to the list. Clark G-6


Finally, a new one. David Wayne Scott and Crystal Scott announce the arrival of Tristan Tyler Scott, born at 0245 on the 8th of June 1999. 7 lbs., 5.5 oz, 19 ½ inches long. Tristan is a 9th g. Scott.

TRANSITION: None reported.


This is a hard one for me. Dorothy Scott Walley took a fall around the first of September and hit her head on a dresser in her room and was hospitalized. She was moved to a nursing home in the middle of September and died a week later without recovering from the fall. Her death was on 26 September 1999. Dorothy was born on 16 May 1914. She is survived by her husband, Edwin D. Walley, Daughter Margaret (Pat) Harris, sister and brothers: Alice, Bill and Russell and three grandchildren. Dorothy worked for Engineering Society of Cincinnati for 25 years and was buried in Rest Haven Cemetery. Memorials may be sent to the Olive Branch Methodist Church, 4312 Amelia Olive Branch Road, Batavia, OH, 45103.

Patricia Cooke reported that her uncle, L.H. Scott of Georgetown, KY passed away 7 April 1999. He was the son of L. H. and Martha Russell Scott. He grew up in Wartburg and moved to Georgetown with his mother in the Late 40’s.

Capped William E. Clark, USNA ’48, reports the death of his sister, Addie Ruth Clarke, who passed away on 11 March 2000. She was buried on 14 March in the Loudon Country Memorial Gardens cemetery on US Route 11 between Lenoir City and Loudon TN. The Widow of Gerald Adair Clarke, she would have been 81 on 30 April. Addie suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and spent her last two years in a local nursing home. Roy Cardwell and Russell Scott represented the clan at the services.

Margaret Grey Patching Scott died on 4 March 2000 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Funeral services were by the Schubert Funeral Home in Wartburg, TN on 7 March. Margaret was our genealogist, hostess, tour guide and general all-around fun to be with. Margaret was born in 1923 and married Russell Scott. Surviving are Russell, son Russell Gary Scott and daughter Nancy Lou Seay and four grandchildren. She made every reunion I ever attended and spent years gathering and cataloging all the information on the Scott/Clark(e) families. Everything I know about genealogy she taught me. We have lost a good friend.


Anna Cox reports a ruptured disk kept them from the reunion. I really missed both her and her husband Richard. They are always so upbeat and genuinely interested in everyone and their families. (Plus she knows where all the bodies are buried). They are the folks that showed me my first digital camera…. Now I’m hooked. Her message is TAKE CARE OF YOUR BACK. Later message says she was operated on in Knoxville and doing fine.

Clay Treis broke his arm and had 2 plates installed (absent from the reunion). Missed a season of football but made the basketball season. Now he will have them removed during spring break. What a break!


Moved, seconded and carried that the same officers should prevail for another year.

The 2000 REUNION will be held in Wartburg 1 and 2 July. Make plans now!! Mail out w/super instructions in the next letter.


Cliff and Flo Clark report joining the internet world and have begun to hunt the Clark ancestors. I can tell you it works. 3 emails and 2 websites and I moved the Treis clan back 6 generations in about a week.

The TN Statewide 1908-1912 death list is posted at

WARNING: We received a hot email from a distant Clark relative. It seems someone uploaded family information to the Mormon (LDS) website. Unfortunately it contained some personal information (name and birth year) for that relative. The email was semi-abusive and, among other things, asked your scribe if he had read, "Are you Naked in Cyberspace?" Of course the answer was "yes, but no one has called." And I thought it paid to advertise. According to this person, if you are uploading files you should ask everyone living (all 2200 of them) if it is OK to include their birthdate. In the Navy we had certain phraseology that completely described this sort of drill.


Unauthorized Absentees (newsletter returned, if you have an address on any of these folks, let us know): Bob Albertson, Jack Witcher, Barbara Tompkins, Ruth Moorman, Mrs. Earl McCoy, Rita Jeffers, Johnny Higgins, Diane Hasler, Gladys Goad, James Shannon, Richard Bennett, Reda Clark, Neal Davis, Rusty McDonald, Mary Waller, Arnold Gene Rice and Jane Clarke. Further: The required change to 911 addresses has rendered many obsolete and the Post Office will not deliver or forward. Some of these are: Mrs. Samuel Scott of Wartburg, Bruce Moore, Larry Saffell, Lillian Bates,Carl Moore.

Your Faithful Scribe,

Bob Treis
2120 Karlburg Drive
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