May 2003


Debra Garrett-Carson sends that she and her mom will be at the reunion and suspects that her daughter may come. She also reports a 3.80 GPA in her college classes and the purchase of a house. Busy Busy!!

Flo Clark did a brief email to tell me I gave out the wrong address for Tom Williams. I mention this for 2 reasons: first, Iím always glad to get any mail, even a letter of reprimand is better than no mail at all(my old skipper told me) and second, I have no proofreader, so if you see an error please tell me so I may correct it. Fighter pilots used to tell each other ďbetter dead than look badĒ but I gave up that idea long ago so let me have it.

Brian Jones is busy identifying folks in the Jones photo we ran last year. Just a reminder: Please put the names on the back of any old photos you may have. You know who the people are and your children may be able to identify them but you can bet your grandchildren will not know them from Adamís housecat. Make it easy on your descendants.

Sydonia Chastain sends via Virginia Bollman that Jeffery Ketchum is on the USS Carl Vinson. From what she sends he sounds like a hospital corpsman and he would love to get some email. Jeffery is the grandson of Mark Tennesson Graves. His email is

Vila Narazonick dropped me a nice note with a little family news. I had not heard from here since her fighter pilot indoctrination (she won it). She also included a check to support the newsletter and that is most appreciated, especially in light of the latest and greatest postage increase. She reports that both her and Georgeís cancers are in remission, and knowing her constitution, I bet they will stay that way. The good news is that they are expecting another great-grandchild.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the newsletter is asked to send $5 to the treasurer of this august body, Judy McCorkle, 3417 Vintage Woods Drive, Hilliard, OH, 43026.

Merle Carpenter penned a nice letter, filling me in on the death of Betty Clark and her husband Robert. She also mentioned that her mother, a granddaughter of Olive Clark George, had had surgery and she planned a trip to the west coast in April to see her and also possibly to visit with other Clark relatives.

Charles Bradshaw is rumored to have the first garden (sounds almost biblical).

Arthur Scott graduated from Wilson Central High and will attend the University of Evansville in the fall. Ryan Seay got his BA from Emory & Henry University and his brother Paul has completed two years of seminary at Duke with one to go. All this information sent by proud grandfather Russell Scott.


Russell Scott reports the arrival of a daughter for So Ae and Bob Bradshaw. Nothing heard as to displacement, wingspan, power plant or designation.


Carolyn Scott Wilkerson reports moving to the Toledo, Ohio area, a town named Holland.

Virginia Bollman reports her niece, Candice has been in the Army since July 2002 and, as a 19-year-old, at last word, was in support with the 3rd Infantry in Iraq. You all watched their movement courtesy of an imbedded reporter from FOXNEWS. (Ed Note) Received later word that she was on the way home to Fort Carson Colorado.


Clarence Albertson, Jr. informed me of the death of his daughter, Barbara Jill Albertson, on 18 August 2002. Clarence reports she died of a rare form of cancer. Barbara was a 6th generation Clark(e). He also reports that her son, Mark Olsowka, will graduate from high school this June and plans to attend Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. Those attending the 2001 reunion will remember that both Clarence and Barbara were in attendance. Our condolences go out to the entire family for their loss.


Rynda Clarke let me know that Bo had not done well with his recent anti-body treatment and that he may have to go to chemotherapy. His lung doctor said his lungs sounded better. They certainly can use all our support. Iím hesitant to give mailing addresses out but any relative may call me for it. Their email is changed and is


Virginia Bollman is planning a PETERS family reunion to be held 20-22 June. I assume it will be in Missouri but I include her email such that inquiring minds may inquire further into the particulars of this event. Contact me for snail mail address.

The reunion this year will be at Frozen Head State Park, 21 and 22 June. Just drive west out of Wartburg or east out of Oak Ridge and you canít miss the sign on the north side of the road. After turning you drive alongside Brushy Mountain Prison before hitting the park. Check in at the Welcome Station on the right side of the road, and thatís where itís at. Festivities start with a small lunch at noon and a bigger feed in the evening. Sunday everyone makes their way to Lancing for services(expect to sing). Directions are provided (ad infinitum).

Enclosed for those receiving regular mail is a mail-back card. Please return if you plan to attend. Those on the net are asked to email Alan Bradshaw at with the number of attendees and ages for the young ones such that they may plan for food. Bring all your photos and memorabilia for all to share. In the event of a problem email me, the scribe at the address below.

Suggested Lodging:




Best Western



Holiday Inn



Super Eight



Days Inn

Oak Ridge


Super Eight

Oak Ridge



Tom Williams is working hard on moving the Clark(e) line beyond Amasa. He believes he may have happened upon his (Amasaís) father.

This newsletter goes to 212 families, are your children receiving it?


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