Newsletter # 22

May 1998

Now Hear This !!

As of this newsletter those of you with email addresses will not get a hard copy in the snail mail, I will send it as an attachment. If you don't get one, drop me a note or contact the computer guru, Ed Hallman at the family page. Those who get a hard copy who have an email addressee, please contact me, save us some $.

Cherie Gulck Lewis' husband, Steve, picked up $100,000 in the lottery in South Dakota. Congratulations to them and you can forget hitting them up for a loan. They have children in college or college-bound and, as we all know, they will need every cent of it. Cherie is an 8th generation Scott.

Russell Scott worked as an AARP tax aid volunteer again this year, his fourth.

Denise Waterworth reminded me that Apple computers receive the newsletter just as well as the rest. She is absolutely correct; things that are emailed can be attached and read just as well with either system. I wasn't trying to shortchange Apple users, I just forgot.

Anna Cox said she had an old relative's photo on the table when the great-grand daughter came to visit, saw it and asked about it. After a few minutes of study she announced, "You got some awful ugly kinfolks." [Editor: now we know what posterity will think of us.]

Melanie Bradshaw, 9th generation Scott, has been chosen by Centre College to receive a merit scholarship as a prospective freshman. She has been invited to become a Faculty Scholar based on her outstanding high school academic record and scores on the college entrance exam. She is the daughter of Alan Bradshaw and Janet Bradshaw and is a 1998 graduate of Central High School. Centre, located in Danville, Kentucky, is ranked by U. S. News and World Report as one of the top 40 liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Vila Narazonic, to answer your question the scribe is your 4th cousin, once removed. See, computers are wonderful things, do you really think I could figure that out in my head?

New Crewmembers

None so reported.


Roy Cardwell got even with me when I complained of no mail at the mail buoy. Dr. Hugh Clarke, 6th generation Clark(e), of Greenville, South Carolina just received the highest award given by the state of South Carolina…The Order of the Palmetto. State Senator Thomas nominated him to the Governor for a surprise presentation at the Doctor's retirement. Excerpts follow: University of Tennessee Graduate, 1956 as M.D. Captain, USAF, flight surgeon 1958-1960. Licensed to practice in four states and on staff at three hospitals in the Greenville area. As a member of the State Athletic Commission he wrote the state laws on boxing. The letter lists numerous Chairmanships and Committees and points out that he is a distinguished professor and lecturer on the staff of the Univ. of Tennessee Medical School. Additionally, he has served on the Board of Trustees for Bob Jones University, HELPS International Mission, Miracle Hill Ministries, Emmanuel Ministries in NY and the Greenville Rescue Mission. He provided free medical care for the children at Miracle Hill. Obviously Dr. Clarke richly deserved this award, and I extend congratulations on behalf of the entire S/C clan. Dr. Clarke is a 5th generation Clark(e). (Roy-I emailed your joke to everyone I know that is a little to the right of Atilla the Hun.)

I received a nice phone call from Ida Mae Albertson Wheeler whose husband is Bruce Wheeler. She reports celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary on 4 October 1997. Ida is a 12th generation Carpenter and a 4th generation Clark, the daughter of Ida Clark and granddaughter of Jason S. Clark. Congratulations to you both. It's always great to get these calls since it allows me to update information.


Helen Long Scott Farthing, age 80, a 8th generation Scott, and a resident of Kennard, Indiana since 1939 and a retired public school teacher passed away 19 April 1998 in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was born in Morgan County Tennessee, daughter of Leonidas H. and Martha Russell Scott and graduated from Wartburg High School in 1934 where she was a member of the championship basketball team. She also starred at Tennessee Polytechnical and Lincoln Memorial University. A graduate of Ball State University, she was a 50-year member of the Kennard Christian Church. Survivors include a brother, L. H. Scott, Jr. and children Judith, Stephen and Penelope. Numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren also survive. Her husband of 57 years, Casey Hamilton Farthing, predeceased her. Burial was at the Harlan Cemetery, Wilkinson, Indiana. Our sympathies are extended to the family. Your scribe has a much more complete obituary should anyone desire a copy.

Kenneth E. Jones, age 89, of Knoxville, Tennessee, died 31 March 1998 at St Mary's Hospital. He was a member of the Fountain City United Methodist Church and a retired employee of Miller's Department Store. Kenneth graduated from the University of Tennessee and was an avid bowler. His death was preceded by that of his wife, Thelma Beeler Jones. Survivors include his son Kenneth and several in-laws in addition to nieces and nephews. Burial was at Greenwood Cemetery. Kenneth was born 3 July 1908 and was a 4th generation Clark(e).

Sick Call

(Send a Note, Make a Call)

Margaret Scott reports that all is well with her. She says her appetite is too good and we all look forward to seeing her at the reunion.

Old & New Business

On a note from Anna Cox: The old Montgomery Cemetery keeper does not get paid for keeping the place shipshape, not even gas money. Although many, if not most, of the graves are not Scotts we sure don't want the place to go to the snakes. This will be a topic of discussion at the reunion.

Send me your new address. I get between 10 and 20 returns per newsletter on folks that did not update me. We want to see everyone get one so fire me an update (and a little bit of news while you are at it).

Reunion Data: The ?th annual reunion of the Scott/Clark(e) Reunion Association will be held in Wartburg(not on the way to anywhere), Tennessee on 27 and 28 June. A map is attached (you have to find Tennessee yourself). Please send a baby (or a small child) photograph of yourself, whether you plan to attend or not, to: Margaret Scott, 1121 Old Harriman Highway, Harriman, TN, 37748-3923. We are going to have a contest to guess who can identify the most. Put your name on the back so we can return them after the hoorah. Spouse's pictures welcome also.

Andy McCorkle is hosting a golf classic on Saturday morning at one of the local clubs, he needs your telephone number so if you want to play contact him at (614) 529-2957, email: or put your telephone number in the meal reservation letter. The time and place forthcoming to those interested.

The reunion begins at 1 PM 27 June in the Wartburg City Library basement. I usually drift in about 9 AM just to be sure I don't miss anything. Dinner that evening is at 6 PM at the Wartburg Senior Citizens Building after which expect a business meeting and entertainment. Sunday morning we all travel to Lancing (short trip and the Scott/Clark(e) old stomping grounds) for services where they always recognize the family. Then back to the Library for a noon meal before kissing everyone goodbye. There are usually a few surprises thrown in but plan on cemetery tours and home tours by spirited guides (not spirit guides). There is usually one groundbreaking trip no one has dared make before…wear walking shoes and a hat. Bring your camera.

Reservations are needed for meals:

Saturday Dinner: age 6-11: $5.00, age 12 +: $10.00
Sunday Luncheon: $3.50
Please pay for meals in advance, before 17 June, and send to:

Alice Melton
Post Office Box 202
Wartburg, Tennessee 37887

I will have my wall charts there as will, I am sure, Margaret. After all, I stole everything I have from her. I also plan to bring my computer so I can generate your ancestor chart in jig time.


Following up on last letter from Zachary Taylor Scott, 5th generation Scott, here is one he wrote to John Long Scott on 16 December 1926:

Dear Son-

Write to let you know we are as well as usual, but I suffer with my hip nearly all the time. Daisy and the least girl of Sylvia's are with me. Ma has not got home. I don't know how long she aims to be gone. She never set any time to come back.

I have just fed the last of the corn. Don't know how the horses will make out but will feed plenty of hay. It takes lots of hay when there is no corn nor oats. The cow has about eat all the nubbins. She only gives about 3/4 gal. a day. I don't think she will find a calf. I guess we aught to feed good three or four wks and sell her for beef. She is tolerably fat but think she has feel off some and when they are going down, I don't think they are as good as when they are mending. I think she will weigh some where close to 1000 lbs gross. She aught to bring 50 or 60 dollars- # Ma don't like to live here, I don't know what we had better do. We will have to buy groceries & medicine & once now & then some clothes, and we have no way to make money. I have been thinking of trying to get a small house at Lancing & put our house plunder in it & let some body live here to take care of the house, but don't know who we could get that we could depend on such people are hard to find. Then again I think we will just try to stay through another summer and try to plant about 25 bushels of potatoes, if we can raise the money any way to buy the seed. We will have a good chance of manure if we keep what stock there is- (ed.:horses & cow)- and we could plant 2 acres in cane and make 100 gal of molasses which would be worth 100 dollars, and aught to make 200 bushels potatoes, worth at least $200 & maybe 250.00. Well I am just guessing what we might do, but we don't know what may happen so it can only be guesses at. If you have a good chance come up soon.

I guess you know how the primary election went. I am rather sorry that Gran [Editor: Granville Davis] made the race. It is an unthankful & dangerous job (ed.:sheriff). The "gang" got their choice Ross Williams. If he did not have enough votes they could easily fix it by counting.

Come when you can. Hope this may find you and Clarence well.

With love

Z. T. Scott

A short note was written to Granville Davis, 6th generation Scott (marriage), in 1928:

Dear Gran-

If I can get your house at Lancing would like to move soon as possible as we are both very unwell we would love to be close to some one. If it is not any trouble for you to get the house from Mr. Williams- would like to move next week.


Z. T. Scott


(Navy talk for Unauthorized Absentees)

The following persons had their Scott - Clark(e) News Letter # 21 returned for incorrect address: Ruth C. Moorman, Mrs. Earl McCoy, Bob & Gail Albertson, Mrs. Wanda Diden, and Carter Rudy.

Your Faithful Scribe,

Bob Treis
2120 Karlburg Drive
Pensacola, FL 32506
(850) 455-2429


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