Scott-Clark(e) Reunion Association

Newsletter # 20

September 1997

The annual reunion went down without a hitch. Attendees were as follow:

Scott Family

Alan Bradshaw
Loyce & Charles Bradshaw
Melanie & Stephanie Bradshaw
Carole & Jim Choomack
Anna & Richard Cox
Linda & Ed Hallman
Eleanor Herring
Susan Howell
Helen Hyden
Judy, Andy, Betsy & Katie McCorkle
Alice Melton
Bill Scott
Ciara Wanda Scott
Clyde W. Scott
Gloria, Gary, Arthur & Abigail Scott
Margaret & Russell Scott
Roger Wayne Scott
Nancy & Tom Seay
Beverlee, Bob, Clayton & Garrett Treis
Dorothy & Ed Walley

Clark(e) Family

Barbara & Roy Cardwell
Flo & Cliff Clark
Mary Collins
Kendall Jones
Kenneth Jones
Mildred Jones
Rodney Jones

In addition to the normal greeting and hugging those goes on at these reunions, several interesting expeditions were completed. The first, and in my opinion, the most exciting was the trip to Samuel Hall's house. Anna Cox led the way since it was a little hard to find, especially for a flatlander like myself. Up and down hill on the Old Gobey Road to the Elizabeth Cemetery followed by a quick right turn to travel along the trees until you can see the old house on the right. Mr. Wendell Wade Maden lives there and has for a long time (he's my age) since he was born in the Hall House. He lived there until he was 12, around the early 1950's. I thought the house was in pretty good shape for being over 180 years old but the prudent student will not approach it very closely since the chimney is about to go south and probably will during the next high wind. Mr. and Mrs. Maden (we think we are related to them) were most cordial and kind enough to allow us to wander around their property. I know they had work to do but they spent an hour with us while we asked dumb questions and took tourist pictures. Everyone who attended really appreciated the time and effort the Madens put forth to make our trip worthwhile.

The Elizabeth Cemetery still runs straight up hill and if you are going to copy grave markers you will have to do it lying down. Lots of Scotts there however.

The Montgomery Cemetery still looks the same. I really want to wander around across the road, which is the site of the old Scott Tavern. I worry about snakes.......

Of course we shook all the attendees down for $5 for the newsletter(I learned how to do that in my old business). Any contributions may be mailed to the treasurer, Judy McCorkle, 3417 Vintage Woods Drive, Hilliard, OH, 43026.

On Sunday morning we all traveled the winding road to Lancing and attended services there. The new minister lives in John Scott's old house and has fixed it up very nicely. He and his wife were kind enough to host a coffee and reception there prior to services so we all could take a look at the inside. I hadn't seen it for 40 years. The best part......I didn't get bamboozled into singing this year.


Remember, the newsletter does not cruise past Margaret Scott any longer. Please send your family info directly to me to make sure it gets in the paper. I am engaged in updating my computer and guess I will have to go on the Internet so stand by for an address (if I can figure out how it works).

Vila Narozonick was to go to Scotland this year but said she did not make it. She says she will have to save it for her "later years", quotes are hers.

Beverlee and I went to Annapolis for my 30th reunion and looked for some of my more famous classmates...Ollie North, Rich Armitage(Asst. Sec. Defense) and included a judge, surgeons, authors, lawyers, ministers, MIG killers, and assorted felons. Boy, some of those guys sure got old quick.


None reported, although Vila Narozonick said she was expecting a great grandchild, to be named Emily Ann, in July.


I agreed to print and distribute the newsletter since I had the office capability. Unfortunately (for the newsletter but not for me), I sold the business on 1 September and therefore lost that ability. Not to worry, necessity is the mother of invention and, although a little later than I would have liked, the newsletter will hit the streets.

Roy Cardwell, (C.gen.5), faithful correspondent writes to tell me that "Hugh A. Clarke II and Rynda Lynn Collins were married on July 26, 1997 in Greenville, SC. The groom is better known to all his friends, relatives, and half of the United States as "Bo" Clarke. They had a beautiful wedding in the War Memorial Building Chapel on the Bob Jones University campus, and Dr. Bob Jones, President of the University, performed the marriage ceremony. Their address is 211 Batesview Dr. #108, Greenville, SC 29607." Roy compliments the senior citizens group on the good food for the reunion.

George and Vila Narozonick celebrated their 50th anniversary in August although the real anniversary is 10 October. Their invitations were in the form of a postcard with their picture on the front...very nice. They have purchased an old building and are currently engaged with the neighbors who want to tear it down. She says other than being a firetrap and an eyesore it is a wonderful old building in the downtown Olympia area.


Funeral services were held in Milbank, SD for Merlyn Gulck who passed away 23 June 1997 in that city after a long illness. Merlyn was the husband of Merle Smith Gulck (S.gen7) whose mother was Eunice Scott Smith, sister of John Long Scott. He was born on 23 April 1929, the son of Raymond and Marion Rooney Gulck and married Merle on 9 June 1951. Your scribe was the ring bearer in that wedding. (but I was real young) Merlyn was a gifted and talented man who farmed when he wasn't starting businesses in Milbank, all of which are still operating. A natural builder, he constructed his own speedboat, and, by family legend, was the first man to water ski on Big Stone Lake. Survivors, in addition to Merle, are his son David and wife Ruth, daughters Cherie and husband Steve Lewis and Susan Busk and husband Randy. Also surviving are his brother Kenneth and four grandchildren: Rachel and Paul Lewis and Alex and Emily Gulck. His sister Donna preceded him in death. Whenever I came home broke from Annapolis he always made sure I had cash and wheels, I will miss him a lot.

Margaret reports the death of Henry Raymond Voss, which occurred on 28 July 1997 in Chula Vista, CA. Internment was at Glen Abbey Mausoleum, Bonita, CA where his wife is interned. Mr. Voss was born in 1913 and was married to Jewell Marjorie Scott (S.gen.7) on 2 June 1956 in Chula Vista, CA. You all may remember that Jewell served as a missionary for years. She was the daughter of John Long Scott and passed away in 1990.



Margaret Scott reports that she is feeling much better. She was still traveling to Knoxville every week for blood tests but we saw her at the reunion and she was looking and talking good. A conversation of 2 Oct relayed she has had the last chemo and is feeling very well.

Martha Clarke, wife of Hugh Clarke (C.gen.5), is reported very sick and was scheduled to have surgery prior to this newsletter. Her address is 59 Stonehaven Drive, Greenville, SC, 29607.


At the annual meeting it was voted to retain the previous year's officers.

It was further decided that the reunion in 1998 should be at the same time...same place...the weekend before the 4th of July.


I received a letter from Carolyn Scott Wilkerson. Carolyn resides at 8435 Hitchcock Road, Boardman, OH, 44512. She is the daughter of Thomas and Alice Ooten Scott, the granddaughter of Oliver and Bertie Presswood Scott, and the Great granddaughter of Robert Daily Scott and Katharine Louise Marie Bardill. She is a 9th generation Scott. Several names were included in parentheses: Cloa, Harvey, Scott and one especially interesting, Vespie. Anna Vespie was the wife of Bill Scott, one of the originators of the Scott reunion.... could there be a double relationship here? Only the Scott genealogist would know and that, of course, is Margaret Scott whose internet address is Carolyn's e-mail is Y'all have a good time with the bits and bytes.



Your faithful scribe,

Bob Treis
2120 Karlburg Drive
Pensacola, FL 32506
(850) 455-2429

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