Newsletter # 23

October 1998

Now Hear This !!

The reunion went down the weekend before the 4th of July, same as every year. It was held in the basement of the Wartburg Library and everyone appeared to have a good time. The Saturday supper was excellent with business meeting and entertainment following. See the end of this newsletter for the list of attendees.

Andy McCorkle hosted a golf outing on Saturday morning but would not say who won. Someone can get up earlier than I. Everyone (almost) met in the church in Lancing for the service on Sunday morning. I understand the singing group was the largest yet (but I skipped to look for great-grandfather grave.)

Pat Cooke (8th generation Scott) sent an email, she is the granddaughter of L. H. Scott and the daughter of Edna Scott Maden and Roy Maden.

Cabaniss Chapter #415, UDC (Daughters of the Confederacy) recently bestowed the Winnie Davis Medal on Linda Moore Hallman for her research to establish the identity of soldiers buried in the Forsyth Confederate Cemetery (GA). This is a highly coveted award and presented only to those whose work is "above and beyond the call of duty." She may wonder how I got that information (along with a picture)...the only thing I will say is (with Prussian accent), "you haf relatives in the olt country?, Ve haf vays to make you talk."

Merle Carpenter sent me a picture taken at the reunion along with a certificate verifying the birth dates of the George family (1860-1904). Thanks Merle, I have entered both into the archives (big long shelf).

Richard and Anna Cox had a digital camera at the reunion. They emailed me some of the pictures and they were great. The only thing standing between me and one like it is $.

Charles Bradshaw fired email from Korea saying all was well and he enjoyed the newsletter.... says he will make the reunion one of these years.

Marge and Richard Wheeler emailed an address change and that they would not be making it to the reunion. Going to Las Vegas instead on company business. (Yeah, right!) Said daughter Rebecca Morris is a soloist with the Arizona Mormon Choir, scheduled to be in Salt Lake City in August and she was also invited to try out for the Arizona Opera. They say they have 32 grandchildren now. (ed: and buy birthday cards by the gross, I'll bet)

Eleanor Herring sez the email is not coming through as planned, she is only one of several who have had trouble reading the newsletter, most with Netscape. Ed Hallman rewrites the NL to fit the Scott family page and everyone can read it there. I plan, in the future, to notify all email holders when the letter is available on the web page so everyone can see it in a format readable and are able to print as desired. I'm sorry if you are having a problem but we will solve, if only to notify you. Notification will include the address of the web page so all you have to do is click on it to call it up. The address is:

Carolyn Wilkerson (9th gen Scott) sent me $5 for the newsletter but included no news (1/2 loaf better than none at all...thanks Carolyn).

The bogus family book advertizements are hitting the mail again..this time from an outfit call U.S. Information Bureau, NUMA in Washington, D.C. They offered to send me a copy of "Treis's in the Civil War." Interesting since we only hit the shores around 1900!

New Crewmembers

None so reported.


Hugh and Martha Clarke report they are building a new house, nothing further reported.

Margaret and Russell Scott held their 50th wedding anniversary immediately following the reunion. I had to leave but understand everyone had a great time. Even though the dates were not exact, it was a good idea to have it while everyone was still in the area. Congratulations to both of them from all of us.


Dr. Charles Clarke

Dr. Charles Clarke passed away on 14 May 1998 in Memphis, TN. Roy Cardwell sent along the obituary. Dr. Clarke was the last of Luther's children and the brother to Roy's mother Clara Clark. He attended Lenoir, TN City High School, did his pre-med at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and received his MD from UT Memphis in 1937. In 1940 he joined the Army Medical Corps and interned at Walter Reed General in Washington, eventually becoming the head of the cardiology section. He returned to Memphis after WWII and practiced at Methodist Hospital for 31 years. After retirement at age 65 he taught at UT, Memphis. He received many awards for community service. Surviving are his widow, Jane Alvis Clarke, two daughters, Joan Harris and Nancy Wilkerson and a son, Charles Alvis Clarke along with seven grandchildren and one great-grand child. Burial was in Memorial Park. Dr. Clarke was a 4th generation Clark(e)

Lendelle Clark Sr.

Lendelle Clark Sr. of Harriman, TN passed away on 28 September 1998 at the University of TN Medical Center. He was a member of the Mill Baptist Church, a Mason and also a member of OES and D.A.V. He was a WWII veteran and retired from the Atomic Energy Commission after 33 years. His parents, Gaylon and Eva Clark predeceased him and survivors include his wife Savannah Sexton Clark, three sons: Lendelle Clarke, Jr., Jerry Clarke and David Clarke. Six grandchildren also survive: J. D., Misty, Tyler, Amanda and Kayla; along with one great grandchild: Jericho. His twin brother, Wendelle Clarke and two sisters, Imogene Bradley and Agatha Bolty remain. Funeral services were on 30 Sep 1998 and burial followed on 1 October in Roane Memorial Garden. Lendelle and Savannah attended our annual reunions a few times...Our condolences are extended to his entire family.

Sick Call

(Send a Note, Make a Call)

Margaret Scott has continued weekly chemo treatments. It saps her strength but she still communicates with me in great order...chin up Margaret... We all pray for your continued health.

Chris McKinnon, husband of Lesley Treis, has finished a prolonged stay in the hospital for bone marrow transplant and is now recuperating at home. Prognosis is good and we all wish him the best.

Nancy Scott Seay passed some good news from her doctor. He considers her cancer in remission. That is good news.

Old and New Business

The Montgomery Cemetery is being kept up by Bobby Ray Newberry. He has family buried there and feels a responsibility about its care. He receives no compensation or assistance and buys all the gas, supplies the equipment and does the work himself. If you have relatives there (and you probably do), a donation of money or time would be greatly appreciated. His address is PO Box 1145, Wartburg, TN 37887.

It is the time of the year that we ask for support for the newsletter. A contribution of $5 is requested made payable to the Scott/Clark(e) Reunion Assn. and should be sent to your treasurer: Judy McCorkle, 3417 Vintage Woods Drive, Hilliard, OH, 43026. Include a bit of update on you and your family please.


The following is a transcription of a letter written by Roxalana Carpenter Clark to her son Jason S. Clark on September 6, 1884. The original is held and was transcribed for me by Betty Carpenter Clark, a reunion attendee. It is reproduced as written.

Dear Son and Daughter

it is truly through the tender mercy of God that i am able to take my pen this Sabath Morning to answer your very welcome letter was glad to hear from you that you were all well it found us as well as common hope thoes few lines will find you all well sorry you are hard up with the rest of us hard times is with us all i guess well we will get through after a while when we git home to glory promise the lord

My eies are so dim I cant see the markes
well if I could see you this morning I could tell things easier than I can rite well jason wife has got around and half day she is up to sagnaw to her fathers will confrence is over. Lester stayed where he was last year. He said he would move on his farm this fall that is all you no by what he says I think we will sell out after while unless we can git our house fixed it is very cold for Winter and poor fences round the (house?) and (laretes?) cattle git in and nearly destroy our crops and we are not able to fence it. Jason was just in he said his boy was 3 week old yesterday weade 10 pound big boy She will be home in three weeks She will be gone three months

Well Jason don't feel bad because you could not send me any monney because we shall git along well right I did not feel bad I felt bad for you are you thinking of leaving Tennsee you wrote that if you did not take a pulpuit you wanted to go to a place call Oklahuma I thought By that you must be leaving Tennsee going still futher off well you want to now We had through __ days it rained half of the time today the Sun shines for the first in a weak father is diging his potatoe We will have plenty and some to sell thay are onely 30 cents for bushel I dresed off 5 chickens yeaterday sold them for one doller profit pretty good generely it is hard work for me to write to you I want see you so bad but then I don't look for that

Newt was home I thing two weaks ago today and took dinner with us I read your letter to him they were all well I saw Dalla two weakes ago tomorrow they were all well jerusha I say your mother last Friday she feeling rite smart for her I took her town a nice ___ of hunnie told her to take a look at it see if she could see it she said she could till it was hunney I had Eveline a short time ago they were all well Mary was better the last time (line is faded here..ed) a few days to make a visit and(?)

Make sister babett a visit haven't seen her in one or two years she as 83 last August the 14 and I am 72 past Well Jason are they doing anything on the railrode this summer tell me when you rite Mondy morning. All is well see shives today Well I would like to stop in and see you this morning and have a good talk with you all well I will have to clos this letter. Your loving mother to son and family farewell

(ed.-on the back): Perkines is on this circuit this year (ed.-and in different handwriting): Goodby hope to hear from you soon We both join in sending our love to all and best wishes (ed.-cannot read signature)


(Navy talk for Unauthorized Absentees)

Newsletter returned, if you have an address on any of these folks, let us know): Gladys Goad, Ruth C. Moorman, Carter Rudy, James E. Shannon, Mrs. Barbara Tompkins, Jack & Wilma Witcher, Richard & Jennifer Bennett, Reda Joyce Clark, Neal Davis, Diane Hasler, Mrs. Earl McCoy, Rusty & Connis McDonald, Gene & Jill Olsowka, Mary Margaret Waller.

Clark/Clarke Family Reunion Attendees

Barbara & Roy Cardwell
Betty Carpenter Clark
Merle Carpenter
Flo & Cliff Clark
Andy Jones
Ben Jones
Jeffrey Jones
Kendall Jones
Mildred Jones
Rodney Jones
Barbara Jones Reynolds
John Reynolds

Scott Family Family Reunion Attendees

Alan, Stephanie & Melanie Bradshaw
Charles & Loyce Bradshaw
Jim & Carole Choomack
Richard & Anna Cox
Wanda L. Diden
Dab & Barbara Gibson
Ed & Linda Hallman
Laura Hardwick
Eleanor Herring
Susan Howell
Helen Hyden
Dennis & Margie Johnson
Andy, Judy, Betsy & Katie McCorkle
Alice Melton
Bill Scott
Burniece Scott
Clyde W. Scott
David, Linda, Allison, Adam & Emily Scott
Gary, Gloria, Arthur & Abigail Scott
Keyser Wayne Scott
Russell & Margaret Scott
Tom, Nancy and Paul Seay
Bob & Beverlee Treis, Clayton Treis and Garrett Treis
Ed & Dorothy Walley

Your Faithful Scribe,

Bob Treis
2120 Karlburg Drive
Pensacola, FL 32506
(850) 455-2429

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