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Notice: Crest Services is No Longer Active, the Owner Retired

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About Crest Services

Do you need help learning how to use your new computer?

Crest Services is a Value Added Reseller / Servicer

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About Crest Services and the Owner

Crest Services came into existence in the early part of 1979 after I had found the demands of my part time job were overtaking my full time professional position. I discovered long ago, the suit and tie had to go. I liked working with my hands. My training and education had been oriented toward engineering, so I was already a step ahead of my competitors.

The idea for the business actually began long before that. You see, I had an uncle who acquired his electronic training in the military service. When he came home from the Korean Conflict, he built a radio repair shop and "hired" me and my older brother to change vacuum tubes. It is hard for me to imagine that was over 45 years ago! As time went by, I learned to do many things related to electronics, mechanics, programming and etc. When I entered college, I directed my attention to expanding my formal training in the area of engineering.

After college, I tried hard to fit into the three piece suit and desk picture. The shoe never quite fit. Even though I held a relatively secure job, I made the change. I started out servicing consumer electronics and major consumer appliances. Later on, I added commercial equipment to my list of "things I do". I viewed the oncoming introduction of affordable desk top computers as just another piece of equipment to service.

In recent years, I have offered the company's services with a more open minded attitude. I opted to ease up a bit on my other services and concentrate on helping others with their computer needs. I found myself competing with people who were trained in a single specialized technical position in the computer industry. If you asked them a question outside of their field, they have to refer you to the "right" person.

There was a gap you could drive a semi through. People demanded a "one stop" solution. They wanted a simple practical use for their computer equipment. Really! Who ever wanted to attend a long drawn out training class which dealt with cold impersonal irrelevant theory. I heard more than once, "God! How boring! Why didn't they teach me something that 'I' could use?"

I finally found my niche! If you would like to know more, I invite you to read the other sections of this webpage.

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Do you need help learning how to use your new computer?

Do you want to learn exactly what "you" want to know about your computer and how to use those expensive programs you purchased?

We provide an alternate solution to classroom training, boring video tapes or confusing technical support.

The Best Solution

Simple !!! We will come to your home or business pick the time from our flexible schedule and... using your computer and software, we will teach you exactly what you want to learn.

Each session is geared to your learning habits.... and you set the pace !

We are committed to making your learning process easy and fun.

Each session is 2 hours in length (about all anyone can stand before going into information overload).

We have appointments available for:

Normal Business Hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm M/F)

Week Day After Hours (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm M/F)

Week Ends (9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat - Sun

Travel Charges Apply Outside of 20 Mile Radius (Please ask)

Call us today for pricing information !

It is easy and affordable !!!

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We are a Value Added Reseller / Servicer

We are a Value Added Reseller for computers and computer related products of all kinds. We can help you find the right equipment to meet your needs. Our first choice for computer equipment is the Dell Computer Corporation. Crest Services chose the Dell Corporation for one reason: THE DELL COMPUTER SYSTEM IS THE BEST !!... and the Dell Corporation chose Crest Services as one of its' Value Added Resellers after we passed their strenuous screening process.

The Value Added concept is a simple approach to answering your needs as a client of Crest Services. After the sale of the computer, we will be here for all your questions and problems concerning your computer purchased from Crest Services. We can diagnose and determine what caused the specific problem, be it in your software, your hardware or your network. Once your problem has been identified, then you can sit back and let us take over. We will contact the necessary companies involved with your problem. You no longer have to worry about going through a "Ton" of telephone menus only to find that you have the wrong person or the wrong company. Crest Services will be your one call solution. If necessary, we will come to your site at no charge.

We include Value Added with all the products sold by Crest Services and can provide you Value Added Support with products not purchased from Crest Services at a nominal fee.

After your computer is out of its' warranty period, we will be here for you. We can service and repair all computer components. We have been in the business of providing this type of service since 1979 (over 18 years), having first entered computer related applications and the service industry in 1971 with continuing experience and training along the way.

So sit back and enjoy your new computer system!!! Worry free!!

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Let Us Create Your Web Page

We can create and publish a web page for you or your business to match your requirements. If you have no idea what you need, then call us and we will discuss the possibilities with you in terms that you can easily understand. Let us show you how to make your presence known on the World Wide Web.

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