Elizabeth Cemetery

Views looking down into the valley

Elizabeth Cemetery is located on a steeply rising knoll with the Elizabeth Baptist Church at its' feet. To get there take Highway 27 north from Wartburg, Tennessee for a distance of about 2 miles and turn right onto Goby Road (There is a sign at the intersection with Elizabeth Church on it), travel about 5.4 miles turning left at the Garrett Hall Bridge, then travel approximately 0.3 mile and bear left at the fork in the road and travel a short distance, you cannot miss it. The photographs were taken by Stephanie Hallman, while visiting Morgan County with her mother, Linda Hallman in the late 1980's.

The Elizabeth United Baptist Church was organized on the third Saturday of November 1887 out of the Liberty United Baptist Church. It's first church roll had the names:

Reverend L. Cooper
Reverend John Webb, Moderator
C.B. Jones, Church Clerk
Jane Cromwell
A.M. Garrett
Dallas Garrett
J.E. Garrett
Martha Garrett
Sarah Garrett
Rebecca Griffith
Jane Hall
R. Jones
Ruba Landrum
A.M. Stringfield
A.W. Stringfield
Cloa Stringfield
Elizabeth Stringfield
James Stringfield
W.B. Stringfield

The Elizabeth Cemetery is older than the church itself. Among it's first interments were:

Litia Hendrix Hall, died 1815, wife of Revolutionary War Soldier Samuel Hall, buried in an unmarked grave next to her husband.

Private Samuel Hall, born in Virginia March 25, 1760, died June 9, 1819, Revolutionary War Soldier, North Carolina, Continental Line. Samuel is considered the first settler in Morgan County, having settled seven miles north east of Wartburg in 1807.

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