Babb and King Family

The Babbs, Kings and Chandlers  were neighbors who lived in the Black Springs/Sandtown community of East Baldwin County, Georgia for generations.

Two daughters of James Bernard and Emily Chandler King  were married to Babb Cousins and the oldest daughter, Alta Emily King was engaged to Homer Babb's brother, Lonnie Babb, son of Lawrence B. and Josephine Franklin Babb,  in 1907 but she died before the marriage took place.

Willie and Mary

Mary King, married William Crawford "Willie" Babb, the youngest son of Tillman and Louise Osborne Babb, November 22, 1908 in Baldwin County. Willie Babb was born December 22, 1888 in Baldwin County.

They had 5 children:

Bernard A. born 1911 in Baldwin County.
Marquerite born 1913 in Baldwin County or Jacksonville, Florida.
Clyde Babb born in Feb 1919 in Jacksonville, Florida.
Irene ??born 1922
      Willie Babb  was a watchman at the Georgia State Prison in 1910. He may have worked there when the famous train robber Bill Miner was first  a prisoner there in 1911. If he was there in 1915, he would have witnessed the abduction of Leo Frank by the mob from Marietta.
    Much greener pastures called  Willie and his family  to Jacksonville, Florida where Willie worked as an engineer in a  shipyard. by 1917.  Little Marquerite died at the age of five in 1918 in Jacksonville, Florida perhaps of the flu since the flu epidemic was  in Jacksonville during 1918. Her body was brought to Milledgeville and is buried in the Black Springs Baptist Church graveyard.
     Willie was working  for a railroad in Jacksonville as a machinist  in the early 1930's when his wife Mary King Babb died in 1931. Her body was returned to Baldwin County  and  is buried in the Black Springs Baptist Church graveyard. Five years later, in 1936,  her son Bernard A. Babb joined her in rest at the age of 25 in Florida and is buried in the Black Springs Baptist Church graveyard.

Homer Hamilton Babb, Sr. and Alice King

Homer Hamilton Babb, Sr, son of Lawrence B. & Josephine Franklin Babb   and Alice King Babb, daughter of James B. & Emily A. Chandler,  were both born in the Black Springs Community of East Baldwin County. Homer in 1886, Alice in 1889 They attended school at at Black Springs School,  East Baldwin. 1907 Homer was living in Atlanta, possibly with his brother Avery.
         Alice King married Homer Hamilton Babb, Sr., son of Lawrence B. and Josephine Franklin Babb,  June 23, 1907 by Rev. D. W. Brannen in Milledgeville. Her sister Alta Emily King was engaged to Homer's brother Lonnie and died a few weeks after they got their license to marry the following year.

     Homer and Alice had 3 children. Alton King "Boots" Babb was born May 26, 1908 in Baldwin County. Homer Hamilton Babb, Jr. was born July 21, 1917 in Griffin, Ga. and  Herbert Chandler Babb was born July 28, 1924 died in 1925. Herbert was named after his uncle Chandler King.

      In 1910 Homer Sr. and Alice were settled on a farm where he was a manager in the western part of Baldwin county. Not content to settle at home and farm Homer, like his brother Avery, and Alice moved quite a bit when young.
The couple were living in  Brunswick, Ga.  in 1914, where Homer was a carpenter. Homer, Sr. went into the life insurance business working for the  Mutual Benefit Insurance Company in 1917 and living in Griffin where Homer Jr was born July 21, 1917. Alice's father James Bernard King, was living with the family in 1920 and Homer  Sr was an agent for the American National Insurance Co. In  Herbert Chandler Babb, born in 1924 and died in 1925. He is buried at Black Springs Church Cemetery near Milledgeville, GA.
    In 1927, Alice and the boys were living in Macon at 900 Orange St. Homer Sr.  was a traveling salesman and  Alton, age 19,  was a machine apprentice. In 1930 Alice worked in a department store as a alteration/fitter for W. R. Kline, Inc. in Macon  and Alton worked as a machinist for the Central of Georgia Railroad.
Homer Sr., a traveling salesman and Alice were living at 137 Magnolia av., Macon from 1934 until 1936 when they moved to Milledgeville in  when Homer's father, Lawrence B., died.

In 1932 and 1934 Alton K and wife Frances Clarke Babb lived at 314 Forsyth Ave. Macon  Alton was a machine specialist for the Central of Ga. Railroad.
In 1935 Alton who was a driver and Frances lived at 711 College St. Macon. Their daughter Mary Alice Babb,  was born March 17, 1935.
  1950 -  Alton King "Boots" Babb worked for the Central of Ga. Railroad until 1940. In 1950 he was working as a manager at Clarke Flooring Co. in Macon. The lived at 1632 Burton Ave.
 Alton King "Boots" Babb back at Central of Georgia Railroad working as machinist, Frances is working at Ga. Foam Rubber Co. until 1953 when she worked at Virginia Hall Inc. They lived at 1638 Rembert Ave.
1954 & 1955 Alton with railroad, Frances machine operator at Cherokee Rubber, 1638 Rembert
1955 - Alton King "Boots" Babb died in Macon Ga. January 19, 1955.
1956 Mary Alice  Babb worked at Belks and as a secretary at First National Bank & Trust thru 1959.

After Altons death,  Frances married James B. Simmons

About 1936  Homer Jr and Alice  moved to Wilmington N. C. where home worked for the Atlanta Coast Line Railroad Company. He was name was secretary to the vice president of the steam railroad and Alice was a saleslady at a department store.
    Homer Jr enlisted in the army April 1, 1942 at Fort Bragg N.C. After the war he went back to working with the Atlanta Coast Line Railroad Company. 1954 -  Homer Jr was appointed Assistant to General Passenger Agent of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company.

1956 - Alice King Babb moved to Wilmington N. C. after the death of her son Alton and lived with her son Homer Jr. She died March 2, 1956 in Wilmington, N. C. She was a clerk at a jewlery store. Body sent to Macon.
1963 - Homer Sr died in March 28, 1963 in Macon, Ga.
1988 - Homer Hamilton Babb, Jr.  died, unmarried, December 8, 1988 in Wilmington, N. C.
Homer Sr., Homer Jr and Herbert Chandler Babb are buried  in the Black Springs Baptist Church graveyard.

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